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Welcome to Football Fan Gifts, the best place to find the perfect gifts for all occasions - we guarantee that you will find the most amazing gifts for top football fans of many clubs in the UK and around the world!

Whether you are trying to find the ideal gift for an upcoming birthday or maybe love to surprise friends, family or a partner, we have a range of the best fan gifts for you to choose from right here. With Christmas coming up, there is no better site than Football Fan Gifts to find the ideal gifts for football lovers of all ages!

What Makes Football Fan Gifts Unique?

Here at Football Fan Gifts, we have made it our aim to ensure that everyone leaves our site with the perfect football fan gift which will put a smile on your loved ones' faces. Whether you want to show them how much you love them or simply make them smile, this is the way to do just that.

Top Quality Gifts for Low Prices

Football Fan Gifts offer several top fan gifts for you to pick from for great everyday low prices and we carefully narrowed it down by selecting the best range of items - you do not want to miss out on finding the perfect gifts! Every gift has been carefully researched and selected before being showcased on Football Fan Gifts, and we try our best to cater for all types of football fan with the highest possible quality gifts.

Free Gift Price Comparison

We know how hard it can be searching hours on the internet to find the perfect gifts for someone, especially if it is a last minute gift for a football lover. That is why we have made it very easy for you to choose from the best gifts for your recipient with the lowest current prices on offer for top gifts! Our search tool provides us with the best prices to find a great football gift which we can then provide to you without you having to do all the searching around the internet.

We believe that you should not have to spend hours researching gifts and finding the best prices for them online, and this is why we can guarantee you everything you are looking for in one easy and simple way. Our website is easy to navigate, and we have a handy search bar to type in key phrases such as “Liverpool fan gifts” or “Xmas” and “for her”, for example.

We Have the Best Gift Ideas!

You can count on us to provide you with the best prices from top credible sites such as Amazon and official club sites - free UK delivery is also available from these retailers if you spend enough! Our unique football gifts and ideas are all ones that you would not commonly think of without a little help, and that is why Football Fan Gifts are here to help no matter what the occasion is!

Every Premier League Club and More!

We have the best football fan gifts for every Premier League club including the notorious “Top Six”: LiverpoolManchester CityChelseaTottenham HotspurManchester United and Arsenal. But do not worry, if you are after a gift for a Rangers or Celtic fan we have got you covered as well. 

We also have top gift guides for multiple football clubs around Europe including; BarcelonaReal MadridJuventus and Paris Saint-Germain. We are always looking to grow our collection of gift guides, and we aim to provide the best gift prices for fans of clubs all around the world!


Whether you love to read, or enjoy more lighthearted books, we will also take you through a mighty selection of unique books for all types of football fans! Featuring; annuals, biographies, thrilling stories, comic books, quiz books and more!

Books are great gifts to purchase football fans of all ages. Younger fans can read about the prestigious history of their beloved football club, and they can learn all about the past “golden years’ which they were unfortunate to miss out on. Older fans will also love to read compelling stories and autobiographies told by their favourite club legends and people who have witnessed unseen moments. Football Fan Gifts is a great place to find books for kids which include fun games and puzzles for young football fans.

Personalised Gifts

We strive to provide fans with gifts which can be personalised as it makes receiving them that extra bit more special. You can not imagine the amount of gifts which can be personalised today - we are showcasing the very best personalised football gifts including; clothes, mugs and glasses. But the list does not end there, you can even find car mats and beach towels from your favourite football club which can be personalised for free - what more could you want!

Kit Reviews

Football Fan Gifts is the best place to find kit reviews for your favourite football club’s brand new kits for the current 2020-21 season! As soon as your favourite team releases a new strip, you will be the first to find out the best place to buy it for a reasonable price - in addition to this, we will review these kits for you, and give you our expert opinion for free! These kits can even be personalised through purchasing from Football Fan Gifts - you do not want to miss out on adding some of these to your club collection!

Vintage & Retro Shirts

As well as reviewing new football kits, we have reviewed many football clubs vintage and retro football shirts. Many shirts have been overlooked over the years, and we think fans of all ages will love to check out our retro shirt reviews. Older fans will love to relive the past and find their favourite shirts from the years, and the younger generation of fans can gain an insight into their beloved clubs history and purchase a retro shirt!


We do not just have football shirts and kits on Football Fan Gifts, we also have a great selection of football inspired clothing - from personalised hoodies, to lounge and underwear sets, we have got you covered for all types of weather. We are also massive fans of hats and scarfs, perfect for football fans to wear on cold match days this winter.


Football Fan Gifts have a soft spot for tea and coffee mugs, we love all types of unique jumbo mugs featuring your favourite football teams colours and design. Here, you can even find one-of a-kind mugs which can hold your biscuits and cookies - these can even be personalised with your recipient's name and favourite kit number. 

Mugs are not all we sell at Football Fan Gifts, we showcase some of the best pint glasses and lap trays to enjoy your favourite food and drinks. We have the perfect fan gifts for bedrooms, especially kids bedrooms, with a wide range of football club duvet and pillow sets, wall posters and stickers, and even club inspired furniture and murals.

Games & Toys

Football Fan Gifts feature a unique selection of football club inspired board and card games, as well as activities to keep younger fans occupied. We cover a range of puzzles and 3D puzzles of your favourite football clubs iconic stadium such as Stamford Bridge.

You will also find a range of modern technology inspired gifts such as iPhone and AirPod cases and PlayStation skins, to make sure we satisfy every fan on their special day!

Gifts For Him

Although the majority of our showcased gifts are unisex, we have a selection of football fan gifts for him that are more likely to be happy receiving. This ranges from shaving and grooming kits, to golf sets and signed player photo frames!

Gifts For Her

Here at Football Fan Gifts, we want to be as inclusive as possible - football is a game for all and there is no reason as to why fans of all ages and genders cannot enjoy receiving a special gift from a loved one, inspired by their favourite football club!

We have a wide selection of football fan gifts for her to surprise your mum, wife or girlfriend - we think they will love our showcased range of photo framed prints, personalised football diaries, mugs, cooking aprons and many more!

Gifts For Kids

You will have no problem looking for football fan gifts for kids, for all ages on Football Fan Gifts, that is for sure! From clothes and bedroom accessories, to toys and games to keep them busy during Christmas and half-terms. We also are keen to provide educational options to parents/guardians, and this is usually in the form of quiz books and annuals where they can learn endless facts about their childhood football club. Whether you are looking for football gifts for boys or girls, we have got you covered!

We hope you leave Football Fan Gifts with the best gifts for loved ones, and we are always updating our site daily with brand new content and gift ideas for all occasions and celebrations. We guarantee you will find the perfect football inspired gift for fans of all ages - get your wish lists ready and begin your gift shopping, today!