Best Premier League Retro Shirts Of All Time

Retro kits are seemingly more popular than ever. You just have to take a look at Arsenal’s away kit last season to see that the 90’s style of kit is coming back into fashion.

Regardless, it’s never the same as the original, is it? There have been some incredible classic kits down the years for clubs in the Premier League and even if they try to re-do them now it never quite has that authentic feel.

With it being new kit season, we have decided to take a look at every single Premier League club and find their best retro shirts of all-time.

Arsenal 2000-02 Home Kit

Arsenal have been the home to many a fantastic kit in the past, with the club often putting out colourful and creative kits for fans to get their hands on.

There’s obviously the ‘bruised banana’ shirt which they wore as an away kit between 1991-93 which is an absolute stunner, however, we’ve gone for something more minimalistic.

The red shirt and white sleeves are complimented perfectly by a royal blue line that runs down the sleeve. The white shorts fit the entire kit really well and the Dreamcast sponsor looks great on the Nike kit. Top marks from us.

Aston Villa 1982-83 Home Kit

We have to go back almost 40 years to find this one, with Le Coq Sportif’s kit in the 1982/83 season being our favourite.

Not only is Le Coq Sportif well up there in terms of retro jerseys, but quite simply the design on the shirt is enough to win it for us here.

Claret and blue have never looked so good, with instead of just the sleeves being blue, the edges of the shirt were as well, making it look really smart.

Furthermore, the colour of the claret is particularly deep and rich, and the shorts look particularly nice.

Brighton and Hove Albion FA Cup final 1983 Kit

It’s got some beautiful and painful memories, but the reason why the FA Cup final shirt of ‘83 is chosen is that it simply looks amazing.

The blue accompanied by the pinstripes is something which is rarely seen at Brighton, but it looks really smart.


These shirts will often be remembered for the final that year. The first game was drawn 2-2 by the Seagulls and Manchester United before the Red Devils thrashed them 4-0 in a replay.

This is the closest the club has come to a major honour, with the club not making a League or FA Cup final at any other date.

Burnley 1991-92 Home Kit

Burnley are hardly remembered for their extravagant kits, but there is one for us that really stands out.

This crazy home kit from 1991 is a brilliant reflection of the exciting things that were being tried at this time with football kits, and while if something like this was brought out today it might get slated, this is a gorgeous piece.

If you are a Burnley fan, this is the kit to have. The pattern on the kit is something unprecedented for the club, meaning that it gives it that extra value as it is so unique.

The splotches of blue on the claret actually combine really nicely and the collar is exactly what you want from a retro football shirt – it would definitely look great on a matchday with a pair of jeans and trainers. Great work from the manufacturers Ribero.

Chelsea 1984-85 Home Kit

Le Coq Sportif are back it again with this timeless classic from 1984/85.

Chelsea have been subjected to many exciting and creative kits in the past, but it is this simple beauty from the French brand that has made it to the top of our list.

While Chelsea are never one for hoops, the pinstripes going across as a hoop worked an absolute treat. Shades of light blue and a darker blue alternated at each hoop with a thin yellow pinstripe.

It sounds good and it looks even better – it’s surprising they haven’t actually tried something of a similar ilk in the more recent past.

Crystal Palace 1976-77 Home Kit

Palace have had some absolute gems in the past. With the colours of red and blue being so variable, the club have seen many different styles, but none are more iconic or beautiful than their home kit from 1976/77.

The white background with the ‘evil’ red and blue sash going through the middle simply looked gorgeous; a kit Umbro must have been proud to make.

In fact, the National Football Museum ran a poll to see what the greatest kit of all time was and this made the shortlist.

The kit still hasn’t even left Croydon, with it being an option for the Eagles for two seasons on the bounce. Last season’s away kit and this season’s third option are essentially just different versions of this classic.

Everton 1985-86 Home Kit

Back to the 80s for this one and another win for Le Coq Sportif with their absolute stunner for the 1985/86 season.

While the club have always tended to opt for the entire shirt to be blue, this unique designed saw the top third of the section covered completely in white.


Back in the days when Everton were genuine contenders, Howard Kendall took his side to a second-place finish in the league with that shirt, as well as losing the FA Cup final.

At the same time, a certain Gary Lineker managed to rack up 40 goals in all competitions for the club, which saw him get a move to Barcelona under Terry Venables.

Fulham 2000-01 Home Kit

Back to the turn of the century with another cult classic. Fulham won the Division One title with a formidable formation spearheaded by Louis Saha and Chris Coleman, among others.

The Cottagers kept the home strip simple with a black and white colour palette, adding an iconic reference to the River Thames for extra good measure.

You would have thought that this kit was crazy enough, though. But they managed to outdo themselves nearly ten years later with a third kit which is often considered to be the worst in Premier League history.

Leeds United 1996-98 Home Kit

Another beauty which has aged fantastically.

Any Leeds fan rocking up with that on a matchday is sure to have a few nods of respect.

Leicester City 2004-05 Third Kit

Leicester fans might not agree with this one and it may be borderline for qualifying as a retro shirt, but their away kit of the 2004/05 season is an absolute gem in our book.

Brought out as their ‘120 years’ third kit, this remake of a vintage classic is almost unprecedented: a gold kit which actually great. Again, another win for Le Coq Sportif.

The kit looks great when matched with the shorts, and the collar having the blue and black colours of Leicester at the time makes it still feel as if it was a shirt made for the Foxes.

It ended up being part of a mediocre season for the club as Leicester could only muster a 15th place position.

Liverpool 1996-97 Away Kit

It’s not exactly the kind of kit you think of when you think great Liverpool kits, but this is simply too beautiful to ignore. The 1996/97 season was another kit made by Reebok with a Carlsberg logo, but none in our eyes look as smart as this cream away kit.

It’s no surprise that getting your hands on this for a reasonable price nowadays is practically impossible, with the kit being a proper collectors’ item.

The club managed to finish fourth in the league without a trophy, but that didn’t stop club legend Robbie Fowler racking up 31 goals in the process. It also saw the debut of a certain Michael Owen, who would win the Ballon d’Or less than five years later.

Manchester City 1989-91 Home Kit

Another kit from this period and yet again another beauty. This Umbro made kit features a gorgeous pattern on the front of the kit with a variety of triangles from different shades of light blue and is accompanied by the fantastic Brother sponsor.

On top of that, the collar is amazing, with it having a deeper blue and two white stripes across it.

Again, another one which would just look great on an average fan in an everyday outfit.

That season the club had bounced back into the top-tier of English football finishing in 14th, just one place behind Manchester United.

Manchester United 1992-94 Home Kit

Too big to ignore. Too iconic. This beauty of a kit was worn by the inaugural champions of the Premier League.


The design of the lace-up collar looks amazing and the shorts feature a beautiful design and also broke away from the typical shorts which were being worn at the time. One for the ages.

Newcastle United 1995-97 Away Kit

A fan favourite wins over here with United’s away kit for between ‘95 and ‘97. There’s just so much which is great about this shirt.

For starters, the design is brilliant, with Adidas’ buttoned collar looking brilliant, as well as the obviously interesting choice of colour in maroon and a dark blue.

Furthermore, Newcastle Brown Ale is just one of the greatest sponsors there has been in the Premier League, with the star being synonymous with the club’s great kits in the 90s.

To make it even better, this was a season where Kevin Keegan’s men caused chaos, but ultimately fell short at the title. Players such as David Ginola, Faustino Asprilla and Les Ferdinand are all part and parcel in making this such a great shirt.

Sheffield United 1993-94 Home Kit

Another laced shirt here, with the home kit of 93/94 standing out as the greatest Blades top. Featuring thick white and red stripes, the lace looks amazing with the rest of the Umbro kit.

The club’s badge features in front of a black canvas of the kit and just fits in so well with the whole look. To top it off the gold lining of the black Laver sponsor and the Umbro logo give it a classical look which still looks great to date.

Definitely at the top of the wishlist for most United fans.

Southampton 1980 Home Kit

Back to the 1980s for this classic. With the club managing to pull off a coup in bringing Kevin Keegan to the south coast after a spell in Hamburger, the forward returned just in time to wear one of the greatest kits on this list.

The kit is really simple with a single thick white stripe going through the middle instead of continuous stripes.

This is accompanied by beautiful collars both on the arm and neck, as well as the traditional black shorts which compliment it greatly.

Tottenham Hotspur 1991/94 Away Kit

Not many yellow kits on here but this just had to make the cut. This early 90s classic epitomises everything that’s great about this era of kits: bold colours and bold designs.

Tottenham Hotspur 1991/94 Away Shirt

The yellow and blue looks really good and is fitting with the club’s colours, and the design on the top left-hand part of the shirt is sublime.

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On top of this, the shirt’s collar is also great, and anyone rocking one of these nowadays will have the respect of their fellow Spurs compatriots – especially with Klinsmann 18 on the back.

West Bromwich Albion 2005-06 Home Kit

This home kit from 2005 may have got some criticism at the time, but in hindsight, it’s a fantastic football kit. This could raise a few eyebrows, but we simply couldn’t leave out it out, considering it is so bold and out there.


As with many of the kits in the Noughties, their boldness means that they have the chance of really coming off or looking a shambles – this definitely fits within the first category.

West Ham United 1999-01 Home Kit

A combination of a Fila made kit and a Dr Martens sponsor is just bound to end up with a good kit – and it sure did.

Throw in the flair of Paolo Di Canio and you’ve got yourself a shirt everyone wants their hands on. For us, this is as good as a West Ham top can get.

West Ham United 1999-01 Home Shirt

The shirt is simple but feels unique with the white lines running on both sides of the shirt, as well as the collar and top trim to the shirt which is a delicious light blue.

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Nothing has beaten this shirt since. We recommend getting sponsored by Dr Martens again.

Wolverhampton Wanderers 1997-98 Home Kit

An area of contention for many Wolves supporters, but it certainly ticks our boxes. It’s a kit which you wouldn’t necessarily want each season, but the design is really clever and the increase in black actually doesn’t take away from the shirt.

The fact that the gold now makes the Wolves badge on the shirt was really inventive and it went really well with the way in which the shorts were designed with an arrow. Also, Wolves wore hooped socks that season, which, of course, looked great.

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