Ranked: Every Premier League Retro Shirt From Best To Worst

Everyone loves retro football shirts. Everyone. The nostalgic feeling you associate with a particular kit brings back fond memories for every football fan, so we have decided to take a trip down memory lane and rank them.

With Liverpool being crowned Premier League champions in the 2019/20 campaign, Football Fan Gifts took every top-flight club from this season and created our own league standings, ranking them on their retro designs instead of their points tally.

Will Liverpool remain top of the table? Are there any surprises along the way? Check out our rankings of every Premier League team’s retro football shirt here:

1. West Ham 1999-01 Home Shirt

What needs to be said about this impeccable design? The collar, the sleeves, the badge. Everything comes together perfectly and this retro design is something special.

West Ham United 1999-01 Home Shirt

The shirt is simple but feels unique with the white lines running on both sides of the shirt, as well as the collar and top trim to the shirt which is a delicious light blue.

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2. Crystal Palace 1997 Home Shirt

Another excellent retro football shirt that came close to topping the rankings.

The white collar integrates excellently with the rest of the shirt and overall, it’s a splendid design.

3. Southampton 1991-93 Home Shirt

There appears to be a running theme with the top ranked shirts in this list. Saints’ black collar design is another fantastic addition and the stripes coordinate perfectly with the rest of the kit.

4. Manchester City 1989 Home Shirt

Once again another kit with an excellent, old-school collar that pieces together the shirt. The integrated effects among the blue of the top looks great and deserves to be placed this high in the rankings.

5. Leeds United 1996-98 Home Shirt

The coordinated collar and sleeves make this shirt what it is. It was easy for this to be a plain, white shirt but the added touches makes this a retro design to remember.

6. Fulham 2000-01 Home Shirt

It’s a little unorthodox with the thick collar, but it surprisingly works very well.

The innovative design makes this unique and stands out from many of the other low ranking designs.

7. Aston Villa 1982-83 Home Shirt

Designed by Le Coq Sportif, it would be hard to rank the best retro shirts in Premier League history without mentioning this absolute beauty from Aston Villa. The 1983-83 home shirt was worn during the club’s famous European Cup final victory over Bayern Munich.

8. Chelsea 1984 Home Shirt

You don’t often associate striped designs with Chelsea, but this 1984 classic provided exactly that. The whole complexion oozes class and deservedly ranks seventh.

9. Manchester United 1992 Home Shirt

United are known for their outstanding performances on the pitch and they certainly delivered off the pitch in 1992. The white collar looks great and overall, this is a tidy retro football shirt.

10. Liverpool 1989 Home Shirt

Very unorthodox and extremely rare to see, but the Reds made it work. The scratched, red and white design is certainly unique and just places in the top half of the rankings.

Liverpool 1989-91 Home Shirt

Complete with an abstract background and bold Candy logo, this is a real treat for Liverpool fans of all ages!

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11. Arsenal 1985-86 Home Shirt

The Gunners produced an impressive shirt design in 1986, but there isn’t anything special that ranks it higher than 10th. Nice kit, but nothing outrageous.

12. Sheffield United 1992 Home Shirt

Another club that opted for the lace design for the collar, but it does not work as well as the 1992 Aston Villa shirt. However, it is still a decent kit and ranks 11th.

13. Newcastle United 1996 Home Shirt

The collar makes this a better design than it should be. There is something about the old-school style collars that automatically makes the kit more impressive – that’s the case here.

Newcastle United 1996 Home Shirt

This retro shirt also famously featured the club's notable club sponsors ‘Newcastle Brown Ale’ which many older fans will remember!

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14. Tottenham Hotspur 1994-95 Home Shirt

Another plain design but due to the collar and sleeve coordination, it ranks higher than it would without them. The shirt needed more substance to push above some of the other competitors.

15. Brighton & Hove Albion 1983-84 Home Shirt

You can see what the Seagulls were trying with this 1983 design, but the different coloured stripes integrated with the base blue do not look the best. 14th place for Brighton.

16. Everton 1995 Home Shirt

Despite having the collar I love, the colour and design of the collar itself simply does not work. The main design of the blue shirt is bland and nothing about this shirt excites me.

17. Leicester City 1987 Home Shirt

This is a shirt that had potential to rank very high, only to be spoiled by the pattern of the kit itself. The sleeves and colour are excellent but the strange design choice for the blue is underwhelming.

18. Wolves 1979-82 Home Shirt

It just does not look good. The black of the collar and sleeves is far too bold and does not complement the bright, bold orange shirt. Poor design and just escapes the bottom three.

Wolves 1979-82 Home Shirt

This extremely rare long-sleeved shirt is the perfect gift for every Wolves fan!

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19. West Bromwich Albion

Not many words can be used to describe this kit. Horrendous, awful, sickening. I mean, it looks like a tea towel! Shall I stop? Very fortunate not to be at the bottom of the standings.

20. Burnley 1991 Home Shirt

Once again, there is not much to say other than the fact it is absolutely horrific. Nothing about this retro football shirt is appealing and deservedly ranks last.

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