Five Gifts To Buy For Football Loving Teenagers

Shopping around to find the perfect gift for a teenager can be difficult. However, if they are fans of football then the following selection of items will do the trick.

When it comes to football, there is a large market of gifts and presents you can buy for someone – but it’s not always a simple decision. We have carefully selected five football gifts that would be perfect for a teenager to enjoy in 2020.

Regardless of your budget, we have included a variety of items that range from cheap to a little more pricey; you will never have to spend hours searching for the best gift again!

Here are five football gift ideas for you to buy for a teenager this year:

Football Goal Backstop

How frustrating can it be when you are practicing in your garden and you have to keep getting the ball after missing the goal? Very is the answer, and this gift is the solution.

Whether you are trying to replicate a free-kick you saw in the Premier League or smashing efforts towards goal from 20 yards away, this backstop is the ideal present for a teenager to have. It acts as a second shield so if you miss the goal, it is there to prevent the ball from travelling into the background.


Every teenager who plays football knows how difficult it is to remove mud from the bottom of your boots. After a match in heavy rain and mud, trying to pick away the excess dirt from between each stud is a task no person should have to suffer through.

And Bootclaw is the solution. For as little as £5.97, this is the perfect gift to get for a teenager – they will finally have an accessory to clean their beloved boots! It also includes a feature that allows you to tighten your studs if they are loose.

Football Player Piggy Coin Bank

As you start to grow up and get older, you have to be more responsible with the money you have. For teenagers, having a coin jar is the perfect way to keep track of that and save up for your desired item.

This particular piggy bank is mechanical, meaning all you have to do is plug the coin in and wait for the football player to do the rest!

100 Football Teams Scratch Off Poster

Now, this will keep a teenager entertained for years to come. This gift allows you to keep track of the football teams you have seen play and each time you do, you scratch it off.

With 100 teams on the poster, it will take them some time to complete and is a fun way to look forward to watching specific teams play.

World Cup 2014 Football – the ‘Brazuca’

Any football fan will remember the crazy movement this ball had when it was flying through the air. There were some outstanding goals scored at the 2014 World Cup and this is the perfect gift for any teenager.

They will have the chance to recreate famous goals in their back garden, or impress their friends with an excellent football when at the park. Overall, this football was full of excitement and it’s certainly an exciting gift.

World Cup 2014 Football - the ‘Brazuca’

Real Madrid superstar James Rodriguez was awarded the Golden Boot in Brazil, and teenagers can have a go at recreating some of his incredible screamers with this iconic ball!

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