Funny Football Gifts For Every Premier League Team

Getting the right gift idea for your partner, child, friend or whoever can sometimes be a stressful task that can leave you struggling.

Always remember though, gifts for football fans are easier than the rest of the population, as you can never go wrong with getting them some unusual merchandise from their official team.

Thankfully, with Premier League clubs now being global institutions, it means that there are plenty of weird and wonderful products available out there to cheer up anyone’s day, meaning the scope for brilliantly unusual presents are well out there.

So, if you’re looking for a football gift for someone who supports a team in the Premier League, then look no further. That’s because we’ve picked out an interesting gift from each of club.

Be prepared for a shock or two; you would be surprised to see what kind of things each club puts out.


Getting a present for a youngster? Why not consider this personalised children’s storybook available on Amazon. Perfect for kids, this book is customised whereby the child becomes the main character in the experience as they embark on a journey which includes the club’s favourite footballers.

What better way to introduce the football club to a child than by reading about it with yourself as the main character!

Aston Villa

Missing Villa Park? Feeling wrong without the fans being there? Why not bring the stadium to their room by purchasing them this smashed wall sticker.

The wall decor makes it looks as if the wall has been smashed through and that you can see the ground through the hole. Perfect for someone who’s been desperate to get to the stadium but hasn’t been able to get out of their room!

Brighton and Hove Albion

Is the person you are buying a present for a big fan of chocolate? If so, look no further.

If Dairy Milk is the chocolate of their choice then it would be hard to pass on this one, even if the 110g bar would cost you £4 – a lot more than your average chocolate bar! But, then again, your average chocolate bar doesn’t have your favourite club written across the front of it.


Need some new accessories before going back to school? Save your trip to WHSmiths and take a look at this Burnley pencil case which includes a pencil, sharpener, rubber and ruler.

We all know how easy it is to cop a personalised one for one of the bigger clubs, so why not catch up with the glory supporters and get your team on display.


If you’re getting fed up of lockdown, perhaps try and take yourself away from the screens and use your time to try something else.

Chelsea Rubiks Cube

This could be perfect for someone who’s wanting to try one of these for the first time, or just someone who really likes to play new games.

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One idea could be by having a go with this Chelsea FC Rubiks Cube. This special Rubiks Cube differs from the standard by having six difficult Chelsea related pictures on each side instead of the block colours.

Crystal Palace

Are you getting a present for a Palace fan of the past? If so, why not consider this phone case with the match shirt on it from the 2003/04 season.

While this was a season the club got promoted to the Premier League and that shirt was worn in the final, it is still a unique item to have considering that it is a match shirt from 17 years ago.

Crystal Palace 2004 Away Phone Case

The phone case is pretty much available on most iPhones and Android mobiles and would be a great way of showing how much of a proper Palace fan you are.

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Many fans will have glorious memories of Andy Johnson, Neil Shipperley and Wayne Routledge from this phone case, so it could be a conversation starter for whoever receives it.


Presuming that facemasks will still be needed for a prolonged period of time, this has the potential to be mother of all football gifts.

Being sold by Redbubble, the 100% polyester mask has two pictures of Ferguson on there, as well as the Everton logo just where the nose is.

If you want a present that would get a cackle as well as be some really good use, then this would be the one.


Maybe one for mum, grandma, dad or grandad, but this could be the perfect present for someone looking to impress their friends or as a great souvenir.

Fulham Lighter

This personalised petrol lighter features the famous logo with a polished chrome finish.

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This certainly won’t be the perfect gift for every football fan, but there will certainly be someone who would love to have such a sentimental present.

Leeds United

This list wouldn’t be complete without some wisecrackers as well. Leeds United have had their fair share of interesting characters and what better way to celebrate their long-awaited return to the Premier League than by getting your hands on one of these books?

The Funniest Leeds Quotes... Ever!

From Don Revie to Marcelo Bielsa, Leeds United bosses have kept fans entertained with some hilarious soundbites over the years. Packed with fascinating facts, amusing anecdotes and outrageous remarks from the world of football, this is a must read for every Leeds fan.

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This is the most unusual Leeds fan gift if you want to buy a book for someone and it will keep them entertained for several hours!

Leicester City

Looking for a present which could be great fun for all of the party? Look no further than the family classic Guess Who with a Leicester City twist.

Available from the Leicester City FC website, this game is very much like the original version, except instead of using the original faces from Guess Who they instead have Leicester City footballers from past and present.

This has the potential to be buckets of fun for all of the family or with friends and could be a great test of how well you know your Leicester City players.


This female’s dressing gown could be the perfect gift for her if they are a true red.

There’s been no better time to be a Liverpool fan for 30 years, so why not celebrate by watching their games while chilling out to the max in that robe.

This is the perfect gift for someone who likes to be comfy while watching their club.

Manchester City

Considering no supporters are allowed to be in the stadium right now, some Manchester City fans might really be missing the Etihad – so this present could be the perfect antidote for that homesickness.

This 3D puzzle for the entire Etihad Stadium could not only keep someone busy during these isolated times but could also be a great decoration for any City fan.

It’s also something which all of the family could get involved in or even friends.

Indeed, there is simply no way of being reminded about the ground like having a 3D model in your bedroom. It’s as close as you can get, for the moment.

Manchester United

This Sir Alex Ferguson t-shirt could be the perfect gift for anyone who’s missing Fergie or is just a huge fan.

In fact, it would be an even better present for someone who is also a fan of The Godfather series, as the shirt features Ferguson in a tuxedo alongside ‘The Godfather’.

Newcastle United

Are you a big fan of a joke present? Or maybe the receiver could be a big gardener? Either way, this next suggestion fits both of those categories.

Available from FOCO, this present has got plenty of potential and is likely to bring every Magpie into your garden.

Sheffield United

If you’re looking to purchase something for your loved one this year as a Blades fan, why not take it to the next level and get them some official club merch jewellery.

The club is selling a heart locket and chain on their website.

Either way, you’re bound to surprise someone with a present like this.


It’s true that clubs do really get creative with the things they sell nowadays, and Saints are no different.

Our suggestion for a funny present to get a Saints fan would be buying them a grooming kit. Yes, that’s right, grooming kit, probably our strangest of items.

What’s funny at first will actually come in really handy, too. And what better way to keep intact than by doing it with equipment from your favourite club.


With the current global pandemic situation meaning that a lot more people are playing on their consoles at the moment, this gift has the potential to truly personalise a gaming station.

The Spurs website is selling a sticker set to go on top of a PlayStation and two controllers which decorates both into the look of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

The item will completely change the way the PlayStation looks, so perfect for a Spurs gamer.

West Bromwich Albion

This mug is a great gift for any West Brom fan. Featuring amusing artwork inspired by the ‘Mr Men’ children’s books, it will certainly put a smile on their face.

West Brom Mr Men Mug

Available on Amazon, this mug is really for the supporters who want to show off their love for the club.

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Furthermore, whoever is on the receiving end of this gift will likely be the butt of all jokes if friends and family are invited round for a game.

West Ham United

The single name coaster has the potential to be a really funny and useful gift. This could be a perfect little present for a relative.

Not only do you have the possibility to have a joke with the personalisation, but it will always get used as you can never have too many coasters!

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Golf is back and playable once again, so why not treat someone to 20 Wolves tees to make sure everyone on the course knows who they support.

Wolves Wooden Tee Pack

They might not be able to hit the ball as sweetly as Ruben Neves, but at least it will look like they are on the same team as him.

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This present has the potential to put a smile on the face of any golf-playing Wolves supporter.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Check out the Premier League fan gifts page for more ideas!