Top 5 Football Gifts To Buy Everton Fans This Year

Welcome to the gift ideas page that will provide you with a specific selection of the best items to buy any Everton fan in 2020!

If you are trying to find the perfect gift for your friend, family member or colleague, you can take plentiful inspiration from our top five choices below.

Here at Football Fan Gifts, we have made it our goal to ensure every single person who lands onto this page leaves with the perfect gift.

Whether you are treating a friend or buying a present for a special occasion, this selection of items will provide you with exactly what you desire, leaving you and the recipient with smiles all around.

The Toffees have a wide selection of gifts to choose from, so we pieced together the top five items for you to buy for an Everton fan in 2020…

Everton Personalised Card Holder

This customisable gift is not only practical, but stylish.

Everton Personalised Card Holder

Show off your support for the Toffees with this savvy and stylish product!

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Choose the writing to place on the front of the design and whether you want to hold onto your Everton season ticket or a random card inside, this is the perfect way to do exactly that!

Everton Fitness Tracker Watch

Keeping fit should be something everyone incorporates into their daily lives, so why not do so with the fun, unique motivation of the Toffees edition?

This watch, specifically catered to Everton fans, is the best way to track your fitness levels throughout the day through distance, calories burned and more!

Everton PS4 Controller And Console Skin Set

With online gaming taking over the scene in terms of entertainment, why not game in style with this excellent skin set.

Whenever you switch on your PS4 you will have the added touch of Everton colours on your console and controller; winning games will never be more satisfying!

Everton LED Speaker

Sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing headphones to listen to music, which makes this LED speaker the perfect alternative.

Customised to suit Everton fans, this high-quality speaker would sit very well in your home to blast your favourite tunes.

Goodison Park Broken Wall Sticker

Now this is class. This sticker of Goodison Park places perfectly on the wall in your room to make it that extra bit special.

The design is excellent and blends perfectly onto the wall, creating a rippled effect that is very tidy.

Couldn’t find what you are looking for? Check out the Everton fan gifts page for even more ideas!