Top 5 Football Gifts To Buy Leicester City Fans This Year

Welcome to the gift ideas page that will provide you with a specific selection of the best presents to buy any Leicester City fan in 2020!

Whether you are trying to find the ideal gift for your friend, family member or colleague, you can take lots of inspiration from our carefully selected choices below.

Football Fan Gifts have made it our aim to make sure every single person who visits this page leaves with the perfect gift.

Whether you are treating a friend or buying a present for a special occasion, this selection of items will provide you with exactly what you desire, leaving both of you smiling in the process.

The Foxes have a large range of gifts to choose from, so we narrowed it down to the top five items for you to buy a Leicester City fan this year…

Leicester Soccerstarz Premier League Champions

Leicester City fans will always remember the once in a lifetime moment of lifting the Premier League trophy in the 2015/16 season, so why not proudly display that achievement in the form of Soccerstarz!

Leicester Soccerstarz Premier League Champions

Who wouldn't want to keep Jamie Vardy in their pocket?

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This gift is the one for every Foxes fan to enjoy and would be the perfect item to have on show in your home.

Leicester City Guess Who

Every family loves playing board games at least once a year and what better game to enjoy than a Leicester City themed Guess Who.

You take in turns of trying to guess a particular Foxes player to determine who the winner is.

Fox Tales

This book is the ideal gift for any Foxes fan who wants to learn a little more about the history of the club.

Fox Tales

Throughout the novel, fans reminisce along a 70-year long story of the club and everything that happened.

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A fantastic read and what better way to leave the recipient smiling.

Leicester City Magazine Subscription

This gift entitles you to four issues of the Leicester City magazine, all of which are released quarterly.

Leicester City Magazine Subscription

Keep up to speed with the latest gossip from the King Power Stadium!

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It’s the ideal present that lasts a year and gives them something to look forward to every few months!

Leicester City Retro Ball

Whether you want to have this on display or use it for a kickabout, this retro Foxes ball is the gift for every fan to enjoy.

It looks great on display in your home and can be kept for years to come or simply go and kick it around with your mates!

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Have a look at the Leicester City fan gifts page instead!