Crunch time: Vote for who YOU want to see kept in the Hashtag Academy!

Alright guys!

If you are in the UK and would like to vote, head on over to the adidas GLITCH app!

The Hashtag Academy is getting to a crunch stage, and it’s now time for YOU to be in charge of the trialists’ fate.

Following a dramatic episode four of the Hashtag Academy, Izu won the physical challenges and went straight through, whilst Spencer and the team selected four more to progress into the next stage.

So, three were left on the bench.

Sean Alexander, Samraj Gill and Bertug Seyhan are the trialists left on the bench with their place in the Academy under threat, and it is down to you to decide who you want to save with two definitely heading home.

So, who do you want to see progress into episode five and take on the technical challenges?

Remember, you’re voting to save, not eliminate, and you get one vote only.

Voting closes on Thursday 12:00 BST, and no UK votes will be accepted.