Fan Corner - Introducing Hashtag Superfan Alfie |

Fan Corner – Introducing Hashtag Superfan Alfie

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Today we have a new content strand for you – we wanted to give our followers and subscribers more insight from a fan’s perspective on what it’s like following the team home and away and what makes our club unique.

We caught up with Alfie, one of Hashtag’s most loyal supporters, and spoke about how this team is a big part of his life.

What’s your name, how old are you and how did you start supporting Hashtag United? 

“My name is Alfie, I am 20 and I am from West London. I’ve been supporting Hashtag since, well… I mean I followed them online like most people did, through the creation of their YouTube channel – basically since the very beginning.”

How many games have you been to? 

“I’ve been to pretty much every game and I will be at pretty much every game this season.”

What was your favourite game?

“My favourite game? I mean, there’s been some absolute classics but it has to be away at Hackney Wick last season to win the league. It was a pretty remarkable one.

“No one really expected it at the beginning of the season after the poor start, so to actually see the true excitement in everyone’s faces was pretty awesome.  To be there and to be part of that was honestly amazing. Other games were pretty decent but yeah, I can’t think of anything that could beat winning the title.”

What’s it like to be a Hashtag United fan? 

“I would say it’s like being a fan of any other club. We still have the close-knit connection with the players, we still have the small grounds, the travel to the middle of nowhere and the general kind of family atmosphere I suppose that you would get normally at league football.

“I think we have our own special quirk that makes it pretty awesome to be a Hashtag United fan, specifically in the sense that the club have videos that allow you to relive those moments. You also get the kind of, I don’t know, celebrity side of it I guess –  for the club that means you have a genuine interest wherever you go.

“You get opposition fans that come just because it’s Hashtag United and you wouldn’t get that with other teams. We’re so lucky in that sense to have that kind of positive support that you don’t necessarily get anywhere else at this level.

“It’s a chance to speak with your mates, to chat and drink with them after the game, you know? But yeah, they are all brilliant people. I’m not just saying that – I think you have to be a certain type of person to play for Hashtag,

“I think Spencer has always said, it’s not like anyone could just rock up and play. Yes you have to be a footballer, but you also have to be a good person because there is so much interaction with fans and online content. Everyone at Hashtag is lovely, from right at the top with Spencer, all the staff and all the players, everyone is amazing and it’s awesome being a supporter.”

Who is your favourite player?

“It’s difficult, but I would say Ross Gleed. I like what he does in the midfield – he controls things and he has scored a few different goals as well. Everyone has their day and I like everyone equally in many senses.”

Do you support any other teams? 

“I’m a Liverpool fan in the Premier League – I’ve been a Liverpool fan through the tough times and I’ve been there throughout the legendary defensive days.”

Which old player do you miss the most ? 

“I would have to go with Dan Brown, Seb and Ricky Evans…already!”

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Article title: Fan Corner – Introducing Hashtag Superfan Alfie

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