Gallery: Take a look at the best images from the 5th day of the Hashtag Academy!

Welcome back guys!

The Hashtag Academy is progressing fast and strong, with day five now complete. Today we got to see the boys experience a slightly different test. They underwent a series of physical and technical drills designed to test their individual attributes.

Spencer, Devs and co. watched on as each trialist was put through a set of gruelling tasks. There was nowhere to hide, but plenty of places to run!

Let’s take a look at some of the best images from episode five of the Hashtag Academy…

(Thanks to @TouchlineP for the photography!)

Wes Tanser gets the balls set for a touch test

The trialists' first touch are individually tested

One of the Hashtag boys showing plenty of skill

Spencer hands out instructions as the lads look on

Devs and Seb discuss the session so far

The trialists' heading ability is now tested

The balls are whipped in by one of our lads

A comfortable save for the trialist keeper

Some more instructions for the lads from Spencer

Time for some sprints

It's not getting any easier for the trialists

Spencer and Neil in good spirits

A quick wall sit demo from Spencer and Stevey CB

It's the lads' turn now

It's not as easy as it looks

Another strength test - this time hanging from the crossbar!

The trialists gather as the work is almost done

Some final words from Spencer with the boys looking on

A quick jog to finish the day off

It's been a good, but tough day for the trialists


Article title: Gallery: Take a look at the best images from the 5th day of the Hashtag Academy!

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