Hashtag United Teammates: Ricky Evans gives us the lowdown on squad secrets!

What’s going on, guys?

Today, we’re bringing you the second instalment of our Hashtag United Teammates series.

In this series, we’ll be asking each member of the Hashtag United side the lowdown on their teammates, ranging from the worst dressed member of Devs’ squad to the least intelligent player – you won’t want to miss this.

We kicked off this exciting piece of content by getting Lee Hursit to spill the beans on his teammates, and now, we’ve chatted to Ricky Evans to get the lowdown on the squad from his perspective!

Our very own hardman himself reveals who he thinks the most dedicated trainer is amongst the lads, as well as other revelations ranging to who he thinks is the best dressed player in Devs’ squad.

Be sure to keep an eye out for loads more episodes of this hilarious series, where you can find out all sorts of inside knowledge on who the funniest player in the team is and lots more!

For now though, let’s see what Ricky Evans has to say…