We get asked the same questions again and again on our YouTube videos so we thought it was about time we made an FAQ page to give you all the answers you need in one handy place!  This page will be updated with the relevant information every game so hopefully it will help answer your questions…


Ross Gleed – hamstring injury – back in training and hopefully available soon.

Lee Hursit – hip injury – was back in the squad on 4 Feb; returning to fitness!

Jacko – broken leg suffered in Summer 2019. Recently returned to training!

Ricky Evans – broken arm – sadly he is moving to Dubai early March so won’t be fit to play for us again.

Tom Williams – hand injury suffered at Halstead – now back in the squad as of Feb.

Where is Jesse?

Jesse decided in December that he wanted to take a break from football which is a shame but a player’s happiness always needs to come first.  More info here: https://www.footballfancast.com/hashtag-united/news/jesse-waller-lassen-hashtag-united-devs

What happened to…(recent players)?

Matt Carter – taking a break from football

Tashan Richmond – now playing at Bush Hill Rangers

Tekkers Guru – left at the start of the season in search of more regular football

Izu – playing for FC Romania

What happened to…(Originals)?

Many of the originals weren’t able to commit to the new routine once we moved into non-league; it’s a big commitment and the majority had full time jobs, families or both.  Some were, and are still very much part of the squad (with Andy on the coaching staff) and others are still playing Sunday League with Spen.

Why doesn’t Spencer play?

We’ve referred to this a few times in our Ask Devs AMA interviews…Spen probably admits he’s not a Step 5 player, and even if he were, he wouldn’t be able to put the time in to train twice a week.

Why does LP always call George Smith ‘Smudger’?

It is his nickname!  Quite often, footballers called Smith will be called Smudger.  Don’t ask us why; we don’t know!

Can I buy tickets to your games?

We don’t sell tickets in advance, apart from season tickets.  You can just pay in cash on the day, home or away, and the grounds we use have more than enough space so we won’t be selling out.

Why can’t you stream the games?

2 reasons for this:

1 – there’s an FA blackout rule which is the same as the Premier League.  This stops games being streamed live on Saturdays at 3pm.

2 – to do it well, as you’d want it, takes thousands of pounds and a lot of resource which we don’t have.  The games you see streamed live well (e.g. Wembley Cup) are usually backed by brands, agencies and large production companies.  We’re not saying never, but right now it’s not something we can do, so we try to bring you live commentary from home games as we now have a good connection there.


Why is Tom at Fnatic; has he left?

No, he is currently on loan there.  We could only enter one team into the eClub World Cup so to allow him to play, he’s gone there on loan.  But rules state he has to play for them throughout the eCWC period.  So he’s one of us…and them!


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