Quiz #6: Do you know the answers to these Hashtag United esports questions?

How’s it going guys!

You’re in for a treat, because we have yet another quiz for you to try out – our sixth quiz in total!

Having previously tested you on the Hashtag United lads’ day jobs and other topics in the past, today we’re going to take a step away from Devs’ group and venture into the world of esports.

What else could we possibly discuss after the arrival of Tom Leese?

With the boys recently getting their hands on FIFA 20 and giving it a whirl, we thought we’d put some esports questions to you guys to acknowledge Tom’s arrival and kick off the start of the new FIFA!

So, think you have a pretty good knowledge of everything Hashtag United related in the esports world?

If you said yes, then test yourself with our quiz down below, and don’t forget to tweet us your final score!

Best of luck, and don’t forget to Hashtag it!