Quiz #7: Can you name the teams these Hashtag boys played for?

What’s going on guys?

We’ve got another quiz for you today, our seventh one in total!

Last time, we tested your knowledge on the esports side of things following the addition of Tom Leese to our roster for FIFA 20, but this week, we’re back to the Hashtag United first-team.

We want to know if you can name the teams that six of the Hashtag United boys played for in the early days of their footballing careers – not including Devs, who also finds himself involved in this quiz!

Of course, the lads in question now all find themselves employed by the best footballing team in the land, but who did they hone their skills with as youngsters?

Take our quiz to find out!

Be sure to reply to our tweet about the quiz with your results, and as always, don’t forget to Hashtag it!