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Take a look at the images from Ep.5 of the Hashtag Academy & find out what happened!

Hello again, people!

Episode 5 of the Hashtag Academy has been and gone, and there was plenty of drama for you guys to get your teeth into!

Instead of spoiling it for you before you even get a chance to look at some of the best images, why not scroll through our gallery AND find out what happened at the same time?

It is certainly getting tougher for Spencer and co to decide who to keep in the Academy as the competition gets harder, and not everyone will have gone home feeling too happy after Episode 5 had finished.

Who were the ones with their place in the Academy under threat, and who progressed through to the final four with flying colours?

Find out in our image gallery of the day…

(Thanks to @TouchlineP for the photography!)

Spencer addresses the lads before Episode 5 gets underway

Skubich, Berkane and Alexander take a moment to chill out on the AstroTurf

Sean Alexander keeps his eye on the ball as he goes to head it

The lads sit down and wait until the next stage of trials

Spencer takes a moment to document the latest on what's happening

Sean takes on the crossbar challenge... not that one!

Despite Sean’s best efforts, Izu won the crossbar challenge after hanging on for a whopping one minute and eight seconds!

Spencer and Devs have a serious chat about what they've seen so far from the boys

It is a tough process for Spencer and Devs as they have to decide who should be included in the Hashtag United first-team for next season…

The lads are put to the test in a gruelling bleep test as Spencer and Wes lurk in the background

Louis Lawlor is the first to run out of stamina and leave the bleep test, meaning he picked up 0 points for this challenge.

Izu won the bleep test fairly comfortably with a score of 14.7, and won the overall physical challenges as a result.

Marcus Stamp can't help but strike a pose before conducting an interview!

The lads seem to be in good spirits despite the bleep test!

Spencer, Seb and the rest of the boys have one last chat about who should go through

Despite the bleep test and the crossbar challenge, this is the hardest part of the day – for Spencer and the team more than anyone as they have to deliver news that could either make the lads’ day or send them home feeling down.

Spencer delivers the verdict as the lads eagerly await his decision

Spencer tells the lads what they’ve been waiting eagerly to hear – the verdict on who has made the final four.

Three will be told they are through, and three will be left on the bench…

The Academy boys listen to what Spencer has to say about their performances

The Academy lads applaud those who went through

Isaac Skubich and Okwute Izu are told that they have made it through to the final four.

Showing great sportsmanship, the rest of the lads give them a round of applause despite not knowing what’s in store for them…

The group gets smaller as Spencer reveals who he thinks should go through to the final 4

Louis Lawlor is also told that he is through to the final four, leaving just one position left for those left on the bench.

This time, however, it isn’t up to Spencer.

Scroll down…

Just three remain...

Sean Alexander, Joshua Osude and Luis Berkane are the three trialists whose place in the Academy is under threat.

This time, it isn’t down to Spencer. It is up to YOU to decide who should progress to the interviews before reaching the final four.

Vote using this link (TBC until vote publish), but if you’re in the UK, head on over to the adidas GLITCH app!

Remember, you’re voting for who you want to save, and you only get ONE vote.

Voting closes at 23:59 BST tonight, so get involved!


Article title: Take a look at the images from Ep.5 of the Hashtag Academy & find out what happened!

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