The Verdict: Farai talks all things Chelsea |

The Verdict: Farai talks all things Chelsea

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Our latest the Verdict feature comes from our one and only Farai Tsingano, who reveals all about his love for Chelsea – and even drops in an interesting fact about his previous playing days.

Check the interview out below…

Abraham, Mount, or Tomori – which player has impressed the most after making the step up from the Championship?

“Right, so out of the three between Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount and Fikayo Tomori, I feel like the person that’s really impressed me a lot would be Tomori. He’s very composed on the ball and very quick – for me, he’s been one of the top five best players in the Premier League this year and he is definitely someone I look up to now. We play in the same position and I look to bring that [speed and composure] to my game, in terms of his playing style.”

If you could play alongside any player in the current Chelsea team, who would it be and why?

“If I could play with anyone right now in Chelsea’s team, it would definitely be Tomori just based on my previous answer. He’s a centre-back, I’m a centre-back, and I look to kind of emulate my game towards his playing style – he’s composed on the ball, he’s very quick and reads the game very well.

“If you make a mistake, he’s very quick to recover – kind of a similar game to what I bring to Hashtag. He is definitely a person I’d love to meet and just pick his brain and just learn from him, anything I can do to help bring my game up.”

What made you support Chelsea?

“The reason why I support Chelsea is because my dad was a big Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink fan and with my dad watching Chelsea all the time it kind of just drew my attention to them – I guess it just kind of it was inherited. It was inevitable that I was going to support Chelsea.

“[Didier] Drogba, as well. I looked up to that guy for 4/5/6 years just because he was the monster. He just made Chelsea tick back in the day.

“Here’s an interesting fact; I was actually a striker back in the day. So that’s the main reason why Drogba was my hero. And then as time has gone by, I’ve ended up being transitioned to a centre-back.”


What would be a successful first season for Lampard?

“I feel like a successful season for Lampard would be actually winning a trophy. He has brought in a few players of his choice and our team was already strong.

“We’re a big club, and we need to win trophies. The pressure is high, but I feel like with the team and Lampard’s tactical and managerial skills, we can do just that.”

Who would you say your style of play is similar to in the world of football?

“I’m not just saying this because I’m a Chelsea fan but it would have to be either Rudiger, Zouma or Tomori based on the fact they are centre-backs, like me. They’re very similar to me, they’re very tall, quick and read the game very well.

“Obviously, I’m nowhere near as good as them but when it comes to developing my game I tend to look up to them. They’re great defenders and hopefully one day I can be and just as close [to their level].”

What was your reaction to the Champions League draw against Bayern?

“So my reaction when we drew by Munich in the Champions League was: it’s going to be a roller coaster. It’s not really the easiest route to take but at end the day it’s Chelsea in the Champions League – we have performed, and we’ve done very well in the past. And who knows, Lampard could knock out the big boys and fingers crossed we can make it to the final.

“There’s no reason why we can’t [beat Bayern] – our midfielders are very creative. I really think we can give Bayern a very good game, because I’m certain that they’ll be coming into the game thinking they’re gonna walk over us, but that’s not going to be the case whatsoever.”


Finally, what have you made of Lampard’s reign so far? A move in the right direction?

“So far, in regards to Lampard’s reign, I’m very impressed. He’s believing in the youngsters. I feel like this is something that a lot of managers need to take on board – you don’t need to spend millions bringing in players if you really trust in youth, like Abraham, Tomori and Mount, for example. They can really shine and become quality, world class players.

“So far, so good for Lampard and I’m sure we’re definitely moving in the right direction.”

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Article title: The Verdict: Farai talks all things Chelsea

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