Five reasons resting players in the FA Cup makes real sense

The FA Cup is back this weekend!

That means it’s time for montages, overuse of the words ‘magic’ and ‘fairytale’ and a lot of vastly disappointing football matches. The glory of the FA Cup is peddled across by television companies, but that does little to hide the fact that it is way down the list of priorities for many clubs and the majority of fans.

We may be treated to a cracking fixture or two, but the likelihood is most matches will go the way that we expect.
A lot of teams have used the FA Cup as a rotation opportunity this season. Southampton were thrashed after changing their team, Chelsea have played almost completely altered line-ups and various other clubs have opted to field their fringe players or youngsters.

Arsenal’s young guns impressed, while Liverpool changed fielded a team of players and were eliminated, and there has been widespread criticism of such decisions.

Is resting players all that bad? Here are FIVE reasons it makes perfect sense…