The 10 football clubs ‘doomed to failure’ in the foreign transfer market

Some of us are all too familiar with the odd, dodgy foreign import here and there. From time to time, that car you’ve always pined for doesn’t seem quite so luxurious when it turns up somewhat mysteriously scarred after its journey from overseas. Or maybe you’ve brought something on the Internet, that doesn’t actually bear any resemblance to what it looked like on its listing. Watches, Honda Civics or Mail Order Brides – we’ve all been there.

But for these 10 Premier League clubs, there’s no such thing as a one off. Buying abroad has resembled something of a footballing Ponzi Scheme for these clubs and where as some looked to have learnt their lessons, there remain some who seem unnerving in their quest to dilute the Premier League with utter garbage.

Click on Andriy Voronin and rejoice or even kick off, at the TEN clubs doomed to failure in the foreign transfer market


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