The 15 footballers with ‘another life’ that you should know about

Some footballers don’t have the mental capacity to think of anything else apart from football. You can see the look in Wayne Rooney‘s eyes whilst he’s being interviewed or walking around Manchester in his casual hoodies that all that’s going on behind his pretty blue eyes is Football, Football, Football.

Other footballers, perhaps with a higher IQ than Rooney’s, have managed to venture past the world of football and moved on into other careers, much like how England cricket legend Freddie Flintoff has now begun the transition towards becoming a fully fledged heavyweight boxer, license and all. It remains to be seen whether Flintoff will be a success, go down fighting, or simply get punched really hard in the face seconds into his first fight and realise it was all a terrible idea.

Here are some footballers who have hadĀ ulterior careers away from the football pitch, some successful, some unsuccessful, but many of them hilarious.

Click on everyone’s favourite hardman, Vinnie Jones to reveal the top 15 footballers who have a different life outside of the beautiful game

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