Three areas of the team Brendan Rodgers must improve

As we all know Celtic are dominating Scottish football. We’re fast running out of words to describe how good a season they’re currently enjoying in Brendan Rodgers’ first term as manager.

Rodgers isn’t one to rest on his laurels though and knows better than anyone that continued improvement is the key to consistent success. Stand still for too long and you begin to regress.

We’ve actually seen this in cycles at Celtic before. Martin O’Neill had a wonderful few years but his side eventually waned without adequate replenishment. The same happened with Gordon Strachan. To an extent that happened under Neil Lennon too, with the team in his final season looking like a shadow of what it was at the start of his reign.

The upcoming transfer window is a big one for the Hoops; they didn’t sign in numbers in January and there’s undoubtedly work to do to turn the squad into one capable of playing in the UEFA Champions League.

These are the THREE areas of the team that most urgently require investment…