Three reasons ex-Spurs & Newcastle man can save FIFA

In what’s a slightly bizarre move, former Tottenham and Newcastle midfield star David Ginola is preparing to take on Sepp Blatter for FIFA presidency. Wow. This is not a joke, a new power could be in charge of world football if all goes well, and it’s fair to say that change is something many supporters from across the globe have been calling for for some time.

Under Blatter, the very top of the beautiful game has become quite the opposite, with numerous allegations of corruption, suggestions of ‘sweeping under the carpet’ methods of dealing with issues and a general lack of touch with modern followers of the planet’s most popular sport all worries.

Teaming up with Paddy Power to form Team Ginola, ‘El Magnifico’s’ ultimate aim is to ‘reboot football’, which is a message most of us can get behind as the waters of the organisation grow ever muddier. Is David the man to save football? Maybe…. And here are three reasons he could!

Time for change

Blatter Anyone but Blatter! That seems to be the general feeling on social media and among football fans. The current FIFA big-shot’s reign has now become rather farcical, with the claims of corrupt activity and the constant negative attention making it almost impossible to take the organisation seriously while he’s at the helm.

Ginola is loved

Team Ginola

There are suggestions that the whole saga may be a stunt from Paddy Power, but it’s clear to see that Ginola is loved. The man captured the imaginations of a generation of football fans, with his silky skills and immaculate presentation helping to bring the game into a new, modern era. As a popular choice, people may begin to take more of an interest in the way the game is run.

The bloke loves football

Simply put, Ginola is a football man. The former creative star knows the game, has played at the highest level and is in touch with a generation of fans FIFA cannot currently hope to engage with.


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