Three reasons why the derby between Celtic and Rangers is just not the same

There’s a match between Celtic and Rangers tomorrow, at Ibrox, in front of a sell out crowd and nobody is really that bothered. The build-up is quieter, neither camp is particularly treating it as anything other than a standard game and there’s absolutely nothing at stake.

Is this once famous derby dying as a spectacle?

The fact it’s the sixth meeting between the two sides doesn’t help but that’s not the only cause of this malaise. The two sides regularly went at it on multiple occasions per season for decades.

It’s also the second fixture in the space of six days, after the Hoops bested their rivals at Hampden on Sunday but again, that wouldn’t ordinarily cause a lack of interest.

This game used to be the vital occasion in Scottish football, the one everyone talked about and yet this season it’s grown increasingly dull.

Here are THREE reasons why it’s just not the same as it used to be…