Three ways Caixinha could make himself a Rangers legend before the summer

Pedro Caixinha hasn’t even been in the Rangers job for a week but is already setting out his ambitions for the club, one of which is apparently winning a European trophy.

While that certainly seems far fetched, there are three goals between now and the end of the season that would certainly ensure Caixinha leaves a lasting legacy at the club regardless of whatever happens in the future.

Achieving them won’t be easy; despite the draw against Celtic on Sunday, the new manager has a lot of work to do to transform the side from the playing style put in place by Mark Warburton. The Gers have played the same way for nearly two years now and those habits don’t change overnight.

Nonetheless, there’s no reason Caixinha can’t provide instantaneous success. Here are the THREE ways Caixinha can make himself a legend at the club before the season even ends…