Top 10 footballers with a ‘dark side’ to their game

Why is it some of the Premier League‘s most gifted and talented players have a tendency to get hot-headed and break the rules?

Often fuelled by a desire to win, or sometimes by an arrogant personality, some of the Premier League’s greatest tend to have an ulterior dark side which blemishes their achievements on the pitch.

Here is a collection of top flight players new and old who are well known for mixing their ability with on-pitch antics that often leaves them not far away from controversy.

Some are cheats and enjoy bending the rules, others have a knack of lashing out when things aren’t going their way, and a few quite clearly just have some problems with controlling their aggression.

Click on El Hadji Diouf to discover the Premier League’s top ten footballers with a dark side

Leeds winger El-Hadji Diouf

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