Arsenal ace over Leicester man remains a baffling England EURO 2016 decision

I think that it’s fair to say that Hodgson’s 23-man England squad contains no surprise choices. As with every England manager in the past, he has picked his favourite players over picking the team on form.

I would personally hate the job of being England manager, and I certainly do not envy him. I do not claim to be a football genius, nor would I expect to be a great football manager given the chance, but I do believe that picking the 23-man squad would have been fairly simple.

This article, however, is discussing one man in particular who I feel was very wrongly excluded from the England side… Danny Drinkwater.

What an incredible season he had, helping Leicester to the Premier League title. Watching Leicester’s games you can see how important the midfield was and having Drinkwater and N’Golo Kante in there was vital for the Foxes.

Unfortunately, Kante is French so England don’t have him as an option, but they do, however, have his midfield partner available. This was an option which Roy chose to refuse.

Logically speaking, if I were to give you, the reader of this, two options for players on your team, one being a player who helped his side to a Premier League title and one player who didn’t even play a full 90 minutes all campaign long, who are you going to choose? I’m hoping you would choose the first option.

Of course the player I’m referring to is Jack Wilshere. This is a player who was once described as the man England would build their team around, but surely at the age of 24, this would have happened by now? Blighted by injuries, he has not been able to reach what admittedly appeared to be a fantastic level of potential.

Wilshere can be a positive player for England and at times does show quality. But even if Drinkwater hadn’t had had such a fantastic season, I do not personally believe he should be in the team. Why? Simply because I am a person who would choose a squad based on the form of the season as a whole, and also previous England performances. Wilshere has neither played a full game of football this year or performed well consistently for England.

It isn’t just Wilshere I feel has been included incorrectly over Drinkwater, Jordan Henderson has also somehow crept into the set-up.

Henderson is the most overrated footballer in the Premier League in my opinion. I would take him to the EUROs, but only as cover, he should not be anywhere near that first-team. He had a long injury at the end of what has been a pretty disappointing season, yet still he has been selected over Drinkwater.

I have watched multiple videos, pundits’ analysis and read articles that all echo my opinion, which is why it further confuses me as to how the England manager somehow manages to have a completely opposite opinion.

Anyhow, I wish England the best of luck in EUROs and I do not hate either Henderson or Wilshere and really, really, really hope that they prove me wrong.

I heard someone saying that it would take a miracle for England to win the EUROs. I think we have all learnt this year that miracles do happen in football.

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