England clash rescheduled

England manager Roy HodgsonEngland’s clash with Poland in World Cup qualifying has been postponed until Wednesday, after heavy rain meant that the Warsaw pitch was unplayable on Tuesday.

Roy Hodgson’s men were due to face the eastern European side on Tuesday, but poor weather conditions halted play, with the Poles opting not to close the stadium’s roof.

The England manager is glad that the game will still be played this week, but did not want to comment on whether the roof should have been closed earlier or not.

“That’s something I can’t answer, it’s not as easy as that,” Sky Sports quote Hodgson as saying when asked about the roof.

“You have to speak to the Polish authorities and go through all the rigmarole that might be necessary for them to close the roof.

“But I hope they will get it closed as quickly as possible and start to do some work on the pitch because right now the pitch is in a very poor condition.

“The water is now lying on the surface and it’s going to need a bit of attention if it’s going to be playable on Wednesday afternoon.

“I think it was the only decision that could be made. There’re no other possibilities. You can’t find dates at international level. The dates that are available are all taken up so you can’t just suddenly decide we’ll play it another time.

“What you have to do is to try to organise to get the game played as quickly as possible. We’ll have to go back to the hotel. We’re disappointed.

“We prepared well for this start tonight as no doubt the Poles have too, but now we’ve got to do it all over again and hopefully we’ll be as prepared as we were tonight,” he concluded.

By Gareth McKnight