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EURO 2020: the best way to deliver football to Europe

England fans celebrate at a major tournament

The decision for Euro 2020 to be held across a host of different cities across Europe has had the whole continent talking about the controversial decision.

UEFA President, Michel Platini has confirmed that the event, which will mark the 60th anniversary, will see a one off tournament spread out across the whole of Europe.

The decision has been made due to Platini’s argument that during a time of economic uncertainty, UEFA does not want to trouble one whole nation with the burden.

Despite the majority of fans arguing about the decision, I for one am looking forward to seeing a European tournament spread out across the whole of Europe.

The biggest surprise for me is why a country like England or Germany didn’t make a last minute bid for the tournament. In times of financial struggle these two nations have a perfect infrastructure of football grounds and travel systems in place, money would not need to be spent to get the country ready for a major tournament.

The fact that the tournament will be spread out across a multitude of countries, which will not be decided until 2014, means that a whole lot more people will be able to see live major tournament football.

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The general opinion is that it’s going to be expensive and hard to travel around Europe to different destinations to see your side play, well is it any harder to travel from one major city in Spain to get to another major city in France, than the 940 miles that England had to travel during Euro 2012 with trips around Poland and Ukraine?

Kevin Miles, the Football Supporters Federation director of international affairs can confirm to England fans that group stage matches will be held close and will have a shorter travelling distance to what they did during Poland, which rubbishes fan views that the tournament will be more of a struggle and more expensive, I feel that it is just the general public not able to agree with something that goes against the grain chosen by the ever unpopular Platini.

The fact that it will be a one off to celebrate the anniversary of European tournaments is fantastic and the best way to create an ultimate fans festival. It will give the chance for more people to experience the European Championships, not just the group of die-hard Premier League fans who spend a large chunk of their annual salary on a two week holiday.

UEFA is an organisation which hasn’t always been appreciated by England and its fans with some absurd decisions by Platini, who at times seems to be against the whole nation, well this one decision he has spot on. UEFA wants the fans to get more excited about the 24-team format and doing it this way will develop the tournament into what could be the biggest tournament of all time. The biggest stage possible is being used, to get as many fans as possible to watch live high class international football.

One of the major positives that this system will bring in is that it will give smaller countries like Norway, Wales and Scotland the chance to host major international games which they wouldn’t normally be able to do. Each chosen country around Europe will have a proud moment to stamp their own culture on to a diverse tournament.

In 2020, it will be EURO 2020 as opposed to England 2020 or Spain 2020, the whole of Europe will be taking place. I can’t see the problem in this, especially as the main fears have been answered. Die-hard fans will still travel; they will take in and experience a plethora of experiences, something that will be a one off. It is a nice way to bring the tournament to everyone.

Article title: EURO 2020: the best way to deliver football to Europe

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