Manchester United and West Ham starlets come to blows

video-undefined-18C5E59B00000578-63_636x358It’s not uncommon for there to be small disagreements within teams that work closely together, the odd sly dig or under-hand comment is a regular occurrence, even something less subtle as a strongly worded conversation is not completely amiss.

Sportsmen seem to be the exception to the rule, especially footballers. They often tackle each other to the ground, tug shirts and do whatever is necessary in order to get the ball  – Wayne Rooney, Vinnie Jones and Mario Balotelli, to name but a few, are known for their fiery tempers. However, it is usually their opponents that are the targets, not their own team mates.

In the recent England U21s European Championship qualifying match against Lithuania, teammates Wilfried Zaha and Ravel Morrison had a little tiff of their own in the middle of the pitch.

Obviously something had gone slightly wrong, but instead of having a quiet word on the side, things got out of hand with the two having to be pulled apart by their fellow team mates.

It’s all very well and good wanting to take down the opposition, but even that raises a few eyebrows every now and again (Luis Suarez biting incident…) but once you start going after your own team that’s when you know some team-building exercises should really be on the cards!