Mistakes, mistakes & more mistakes… England’s five biggest EURO 2016 errors

Gary Lineker perfectly summed England’s performance against Iceland. “The worst defeat in our history. England beaten by a country with more volcanoes than professional footballers.”

We lost to a nation with a population smaller than Croydon. We lost to a country who’s whole squad cost less than Raheem Sterling. Iceland’s manager is a part-time dentist.

What else is there to say? England were absolutely diabolical at EURO 2016, with the last 16 mach certainly no anomaly.

Russia exited in the group stage with a solitary point, of course that point came against England as the Three Lions let go of the lead in the dying moments.

England somehow managed to scrape past Wales, winning 2-1 with a last minute goal from Daniel Sturridge, the only good moment of the whole tournament.

England could not score against Slovakia and are now home, embarrassed and ashamed of themselves. What exactly went wrong though? FootballFanCast takes a closer look…

Lack of Passion


Gareth Bale famously stated that English players had no “passion”, and the media ridiculed him after England snatched a 2-1 win in the dying seconds.

However, of course the England players are going to celebrate a last minute winner. England’s ‘stars’ were second to every ball, every header and every tackle throughout the competition, and It was an absolute disgrace to the nation that created the ‘Beautiful Game’.

Questionable starting XIs


Roy Hodgson clearly had no clue who to pick. He picked XI men he deemed good enough to beat Russia, but they failed. He picked the same XI to face Wales and by some miracle, he eventually realised that his system didn’t work. Hodgson then noted that the team needed change so he swapped over half the side for the match against Slovakia. A team needs some level of consistency.

Baffling subtsitutions


First of all, it is outrageous that Jamie Vardy did not start for England after his majestic season at Leicester, in which he scored 24 times in the league. But how Hodgson didn’t realise to take off the players performing poorly was beyond everyone.

Harry Kane had a shocker in every match, but Hodgson was so reluctant to take him off. Hodgson seemingly didn’t realise he could substitute players who were performing poorly.



Hodgson’s resignation speech was seemingly pre-written! It is absurd to think that the England manager was prepared to resign before matches had even kicked off.

England were so boring in their style of play, too, as they passed around almost waiting for the other side to make errors.



Chris Smalling and Danny Rose for Russia’s goal. Kane taking corners. Giving cheap fouls away against Wales. Kane taking corners. Chris Smalling and Joe Hart’s mix up against Slovakia. Poor marking for Iceland’s first goal. Poor marking for Iceland’s second goal. Hart’s butter fingers. Kane taking corners.

To sum up, England were just one big mistake at EURO 2016 and all the players should be ashamed of their disgraceful performances.