Would you rather: sit through a Michael Owen commentary, or an international break?

The two words that send shivers down the spine of every football fan remain “international break”. Whether you’re top of the league or rock bottom there’s not a single football fan alive that prefers international football to watching their beloved team on a weekly basis.

David Moyes was probably the only man looking forward to the two week break given his Sunderland side look short on confidence. Players discontent of the international break is evident with so many players pulling out of their national team squad’s through ‘injury’.

The England fiasco surrounding Sam Allardyce has left a dark cloud over the England national team with almost every supporter counting down the days until their club side return to first-team action.

It’s times like this we all wished we supported a lower league side and could still visit our local ground to watch our team, however sometimes that causes more pain than it’s worth.

Ahead of the much anticipated international break, here are five things more interesting than these two weeks of hell.

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