Barcelona fans take to Twitter to bash Neymar’s father for his latest comments

And just as we thought that the Neymar saga and the whole drama of the Brazilian potentially returning to Barcelona was finally behind us, Neymar Sr, Neymar’s father, talked about his son’s move back to Catalonia at the Edinburgh Sports Conference, according to Fox Sports.

Neymar Sr mentioned how his son only wants to be happy and the only place that can allow him to be happy is the Blaugrana squad.

He continued by saying that his friends in Barcelona asked him to come back, which ultimately moved him and prompted this action. In the end, he mentioned that the negotiations between the clubs are not over just yet.

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This, of course, not only blew the transfer wide open once again but it also stirred some locked up emotions from many of the Barcelona fans.

Some were quick to jump to social media and Twitter to give Neymar’s father a piece of their mind.

Many were not happy with his words, reminding him that they were the ones that chose to leave and that he only wants to go where the money is.

Some also called the duo “frauds” and “clowns” and of course, “snakes” for leaving and for wanting to come back now.

You can see some of their replies in the collection of tweets down below:

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