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Why The Europa League Might Be Perfect For Barcelona’s Young Stars

Barcelona is going through a hard period in these past couple of years as the club is struggling to reach the peak form that it had during the 2010s. However, this isn’t something that should surprise football fans. Why? Because it is a well-known fact that all clubs go through a period of great success, then fall off and need a couple of years to recoup and get back to the top.

Ups and downs are part of the journey and that is what Barcelona is experiencing at the moment. After falling off in the Champions League, Barcelona is now set to compete in the Europa League, which is something that left many speechless as they are used to watching this club perform with the best in Europe.

Punters are fond of these developments, though. They consider Barcelona as the clear favourite to win the Europa League and earn itself a spot in the CL next year. After all, Europa League is still a trophy and it counts in the total tally.

The odds are also decent and this is a win-win situation for bettors. Not only will they be able to play a so-called safe bet, but they might end up earning a decent reward in the process. Of course, there are tons of other bet types and predictions in store and if you are thinking of placing a bet, feel free to take a look at the latest Europa League predictions from

Barcelona might even reap a few benefits from the fact that it is in the Europa League this season and these benefits mostly concern its young stars. Here’s why.

They Will Get Familiar With the Feeling of Playing in a Major Tournament

Many of the young stars in the club were thrown into the pit when they started competing in the Champions League. After all, the CL is the cream of the crop and there’s a chance that it may have been a bit too much to handle. After all, we are talking about young boys who are just experiencing what pressure means.

Europa League is the perfect competition where they can learn the importance of being in a major international tournament without the pressure and eyes on them. You always start small and gradually graduate and that is exactly what the transition from Europa League to the Champions League means.

A Chance to Develop

Europa League is a second-tier tournament. Now, we’re not saying that this competition features weak teams, but there’s no denying the fact that the teams that are competing in the Champions League are far better than the ones competing in Europa League.

This is a good thing for Barca’s young stars as it provides them with a great chance to develop and learn everything about them individually, but also how to play as a collective. After all, Barca is known for its team play and the so-called tiki-taka tactic.

Experimenting with new strategies against the calibre of Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester City, PSG, etc., is not the best option, but many Europa League teams are below Barca’s standard and that provides the young stars with the perfect chance to learn something new. Plus, it is also a benefit for Xavi as he will be able to determine what are the strengths and the weaknesses of his players and thus, come up with the best tactics.

Barcelona Needs a Break from the Champions League

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that Barcelona is not the team that it once was. However, everyone at the club is so keen on holding on to its former glory and that may have torn it apart. Trying to compete against the best even though you are not in their realm might have a negative effort on the team’s mentality.

In other words, a break is needed from time to time, and the entry to the Europa League might be a good thing for the young stars as they will start building up a winning mentality in an international tournament and build up from that point.

After a while, they will be able to use that mentality to achieve better results in higher competitions, such as the Champions League.

Photo from Pexels