Luck turns as Wednesday crank up the pressure on Steel City rivals

It feels like the footballing deities have been wiping their bottoms in our general direction over the past few weeks.

Every-time we manage a heroic win, United seem to snatch a 1-0 victory via a sliced own goal. We get frustrated by Colchester despite our sexy, dominant total football  – the swine sneak past the opposition thanks to a dodgy penalty.

But now, as if we had sacrificed a Chicken Tikka pie to the Gods in a bizarre, yet strangely exciting ceremony, lady luck has bestowed her ample bounty upon us in spades

Firstly, the pigs lose their talismanic, 34 goal striker Chedwyn Evans for non-footballing reasons. Then, just as every other conceivable result is going our way and we look to have done a typical Wednesday and blown it, Antonio blasts in a 90-odd minute screamer against Carlisle. Last gasp winners like that have been rather scant in recent years, and understandably the crowd went wild.

Next up for us a tricky trip to Brentford, who still harbour miniscule play-off ambitions. But if we come out on top – the pressure will be on our be-snouted neighbours as they play Stevenage, the form team in the division (apart from us), live on TV. The Blades are known historically as bottlers and looked bereft of ideas against MK Franchise. Best of all, they may have to rely on octogenarian striker James Beattie up front.

But Owls bossman Dave Jones is no stranger to falling at the last hurdle. Twice a beaten play off finalist and once denied a spot in the play off cauldron on the last day of the season by Wednesday three years ago. Only time will tell how he will fare this time round – but after being smothered in football effluent for the last decade or so, pessimistic fans are wondering when that first loss is going to come.

But please god don’t let it be this weekend.

Three points at Brentford will see us go into the Hillsborough finale with all to play for and with only a scattering of home seats available it should be another sell-out. But let’s not mention what happened the last time there was all to play for at a Hillsborough showdown. The memory of Crystal Palace fans, who bizarrely seemed to treble in numbers for one day and quite literally danced on our pitch, is etched into our nightmares for eternity.

Although the Blades won’t be physically be there, should we snatch play offs from the jaws of automatic, the gleeful snorts will be echoing from Dartmoor to Wadsley Bridge with sickening clarity.

So, it all makes for a pretty spectacular last two games doesn’t it?

In what other division do you have two fierce city rivals still battling it out at this late stage?……What? Manchester you say? All eyes are on Sheffield as far as we are concerned.