Martin O’Neill condemns sick chants in Tyne-Wear Derby

Martin ONeill Sunderland ManagerMartin O’Neill was extremely critical of chants from his own Sunderland supporters of ‘we wish you were dead’ directed at Newcastle defender Steven Taylor.

Despite Taylor doing his utmost best to wind up Black cat supporters in the build-up to the game, the Sunderland boss said any such abuse was in poor taste.

The Newcastle centre half only entered the red hot atmosphere at the stadium of light later on in the game, but this did not save him from receiving a rough ride.

Whilst it was only a small section of supporters chanting the vitriol, it has marred what was a well fought Tyne-Wear derby with both sides sharing the spoils in a 1-1 draw.

Newcastle United supporters are not believed to be completely blameless either, with some of them directly distasteful chants too, in the direction of Sunderland’s Lee Cattermole.

In derby day matches, with tensions running high, O’Neill accepts that sometimes emotions run over, but he believes they shouldn’t to the level they did for some fans yesterday.

The Sunderland Manager went on to tell sky sports regarding the Taylor chants. “If that is what they were singing then it would be in very poor taste. If I had heard that I would have been disappointed with that.”

He was also happy to have a jibe back at the defender who suggested not a single Sunderland player would make the Newcastle XI by saying “Some of the players had passed comment. He is entitled to his opinion. I am delighted he made their bench!”

Next up for O’Neill’s men is a trip to the Britannia stadium to take on Stoke City this Saturday in a 3 O’clock kick off.
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