O’Neill adamant he’s ‘only man for the job’

Martin O'Neill, Sunderland managerSunderland manager Martin O’Neill is adamant that he can keep the club clear of relegation.

The Black Cats currently occupy 18th position in the Premier League after an uninspiring start to the campaign.

Despite spending over £20m on Steven Fletcher and Adam Johnson during the summer, the North East-based outfit have struggled, managing just two victories.

Ahead of their midweek clash with fellow relegation battlers Reading, O’Neill was boisterous in defending his position in the dugout:

“So what do you do then? So you go and put someone else in charge, he gets a group of 12, 13 games and can’t win any matches? It’s the same thing,” he responded when asked if he should still be in charge of the club according to ESPN.

“I don’t want to sound wildly boastful, but not only am I the best man for the job, I am actually the only man for the job.

“We will steer it through, we will get calmer waters ahead – it might take us a few months to do that – and then we will see.

“If we are continuing for the next couple of years to be in this position, then I will certainly question it then.”

He went on to reveal that he is surprised by the lacklustre performances of his players:

“Progress eventually, no matter what you think about it, is determined by results on the pitch, and we are in a similar position, so you could say whether we have made that sort of progress or not.

“It’s interesting because it’s really the same squad that we have had – we still have, I think, about 19 players from last season.”