O’Neill to solve international feud

Sunderland manager Martin O'NeillSunderland boss Martin O’Neill could act as peacemaker in Steven Fletcher’s long-running feud with Scotland manager Craig Levein.

Premier League striker Fletcher has stated on Twitter that he would welcome a return to the Tartan Army but it is still unclear as to whether Levein would welcome him back.

The Daily Mail reports that sources close to the ex-Dundee United boss claim he will not back down and the £14 million striker will remain frozen out.

O’Neill said: “My thoughts are that Steven and the manager have had words in the past.

“That situation has not cleared up; there may have been some intransigence there. God Knows. It might need an olive branch along the way. Am I going to provide that? It’s not really my job. I need to know the ins and outs.

“I touched on it briefly when he was signing here, in a casual conversation with Steven. I have not pursued it any further.

“If you have a quality player and he is not playing for his country, then it might need looking at. Would I like to see him playing for Scotland? Of course.”