Sunderland boss set to make team changes

Sunderland manager Martin O'Neill

Martin O’Neill has revealed that he may need to alter his Sunderland side for tomorrow’s League Cup tie with Middlesbrough because of injuries.

Boss O’Neill has not named names, but says that some players are having problems.

He said: “We might have to make some changes to our side – a couple of them forced. We’ll see how the injuries are later on, but we’ve got a couple of players with a few problems. We’ll go as strongly as we possibly can and try to win the game. I’m hoping that one (player) can come through, but if not then too bad.

The manager does have options for tomorrow’s fixture, and he could bring in some fringe players.

O’Neill talked about how it is difficult to choose who to play in the fixture, with the manager wanting to progress to the next stage of the competition.

He said: “It’s a difficult call. You want to try and get through. Of course, you want some less players who’ve had less time in the last few weeks to get onto the field of play, but it’s a tough balancing act. The most important issue is to try and win the game.”

Sunderland’s last game was a goalless draw with Stoke in the Premier League this Saturday. This was Sunderland’s sixth draw so far this season and O’Neill talked about this to BBC Sport after the match. He said: “We have drawn a lot of games this season and we are just unable at the moment to turn one or two of those draws into victories.”

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