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Wag Weekly: Richardson bags himself a beauty!

natalie-sulimanYou will be familiar with Suliman’s cleavage from a Marks & Spencer billboard ad campaign supposedly commissioned in response to complaints of their charging more for their bigger sized bras than their regular sized ones.

Their point appeared to be… well, outside of ‘here’s a large pair of breasts!’ I’m not quite sure what the point was actually.   But if the medium is, as Marshall McLuhan contested, the message, then just imagine what the kingside and wonder-bra enhanced size is.

‘Quality worth every penny’ reads the ad’s caption, rather obnoxiously, choosing to ignore both the rather sizeable demographic of people who tend not to assess body parts on a fiscal basis and also how easy it is to access this type of thing for free on the internet nowadays for those that do.

Those familiar with the more credible conspiracy theories involving ‘New Coke’ (a short lived new recipe of the drink which briefly replaced the old one in the 1980s before mass consumer pressure meant a reversal back to ‘Original Coke’- amid various whispers that this renewal of interest in their original product had been Coca Cola’s intention all along) may find it curiously convenient that such a heavily publicised gaffe from Marks & Spencer paved the way neatly for an intensive ad campaign featuring a young woman’s cleavage plastered liberally alongside their company logo.

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Natalie Suliman Natalie Suliman

Article title: Wag Weekly: Richardson bags himself a beauty!

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