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We’re Sheffield Wednesday, The City is Ours!

In the end, it was easy – a routine stroll past a willing, but limited Wycombe side. A well taken goal from the loan winger in the first half settled the nerves and a header from the loan Ranger in the second made sure.

In a disturbingly un-Wednesday like performance, it never really looked in doubt and it was pretty much party time in the stands for the whole 90 minutes, with paddling pools, beachballs and comedy outfits aplenty.

But the question is, was it better than Cardiff? The 2005 rollercoaster play-off final, while doing nothing for our angina, was a definitely a better match.

However last Saturday was the culmination of an end of season run in the likes of which we may never see again. This campaign had it all – comedy, tragedy, despair, Ben Marshall, hope and at right at the death, a spot of glory. No Wednesdayite will forget it in a hurry – nor will they forget the sight of all four stands full going absolutely bonkers when Antonio scored, then so did Exeter – quite a moment. For us to come from all those points behind Utd and end up snatching second place – we really have pulled their pants down.

And the whole shebang seems to have re-forged magical links between the fans, the team and the club that have been missing for quite a while. Hats off Milan.

So now we can sit back, watch the grunters slip up in the pay-offs and dream of unrealistic transfer targets until the Euro’s start.

We’ve already heard it on good authority Antonio, Batth, Roger Johnson, Owen, Freeman and Peter Crouch are signing – and it’s only mid-May. Obviously a lot of waffle will be spoke between now and August but it’s nice to be able to dream big again.

Who knows what next season may bring and people are naturally getting a bit carried away. One bookie had us at 6/1 to go up from the Championship, which looks a bit sarcastic frankly.

However at the moment it does feel as if the sky’s the limit. If Norwich and Southampton can do it there is no godly reason why we can’t. With Milan’s hard cash and Dave Jones’ scouse nouse, who knows what we can achieve.

But that’s not the point. Whatever happens over the summer, or next year, or 10 years down the track. There’s only one thing that matters right now:

The City is Ours.

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Article title: We’re Sheffield Wednesday, The City is Ours!

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