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Why We Shouldn’t Rule Out Leicester’s Title Dreams

Leicester now reside at the top of the Premier league after their victory over Chelsea on Tuesday. While the race for the title is often nerve wracking, and filled with uncertainties. Many believe that this is Leicester’s year to take the title and repeating the success of the 2015/2016 season. The success of the team again is a real possibility and for that reason we cannot rule out the chance that they could repeat the same victories again this season.

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Leicester are the top of the league currently, just because they have won more games than anyone else this season, so far. The Foxes actually reached the middle game of the season on Tuesday evening, due to them playing the 19th game and making it their 12th win overall. In addition to this, they have managed to score 35 goals this season too, putting them behind Liverpool’s top goal score of 37.

There is no doubt about it, the quality shown in playing by the team of Leicester is of the best currently out there. Their games speak for themselves, and they really do deserve the tops spots of the table, there is no doubt about that at all. Their wins against Manchester City, Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea, have been superior game quality, and a testament to what kind of team they are within the business at the moment. There is nothing we can do or say, that will take away from that, that is for sure.

There has been a question that has popped up in the midst of all the game time we have witnessed this season: why are Leicester losing to less football positioned teams? Despite them conquering the champions of previous seasons, Leicester still manages to lose against Fulham, West Ham, Crystal Palace and Aston Villa. It has proved to be a very recurring theme that cannot be explained for. If Leicester are hoping to really be the big reigning champions of 2020/2021, they will need to squash this character trait for their playing style, and fast. Because one thing is certain, if they wish to progress forward at the top, they cannot afford to lose out on those extra points from lower teams within the league.

Despite the missing presence of Pereira, Ndidi, Perez, Soyuncu and Amartey, Leicester have still managed to use Jamie Vardy heavily for their current success. Rodgers has rested the players without having to sacrifice major points, here and there. They have still managed to attain an abundance of quality play, using a fluidity within the 3-4-2-1 formation strategy. This combination is what allows Rodgers to make the team give rise to the playing style options that they have showcased very recently.

When mentioning the manager, it is clear that many will question the effectiveness of the quality that he brings to the field for the players. However, one thing is certain, he is no stranger to combatting a challenge and making the best out of a scenario that Leicester have faced previously. Rodgers has managed to almost win with Liverpool during 2013/2014, and now with Leicester, he has brought them up considerably during their last four seasons. Other successes to his career include the title win for the Celtic team within Scotland, with two great seasons within Glasgow showcasing his keen eye for attention to details. He’s managed to do a superb job for the King Power Stadium, by keeping the Leicester players consistent overall, especially after they lost key players like Maguire and Chilwell for example.

To conclude, can we say that Leicester have what it takes to take the title again this year, and are they worthy contenders? The answer is, of course, they need to be. They cannot dismiss their chances over small mistakes made earlier. By ploughing forward and maintaining their consistency, they will persevere within the top four positions at least or the top two. The lockdown made them stumble in the pace they possessed naturally, and for that they lost out to the Champions League, due to their defeat to United. One thing we should keep in mind now however, is that the points they total now, actually do line up with their past win during 2015/2016, so this should definitely leave them hopeful of what they can achieve if they persevere with the same discipline.

All we can do now is wait and see what kind of surprises (good ones hopefully), that they manage to bring out of the bag.

Article title: Why We Shouldn’t Rule Out Leicester’s Title Dreams

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