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Liverpool: Reds’ fans reflect on the failed European Super League

The last 48 hours have been seismic for the Premier League and Liverpool FC.

Included in initial plans for a European Super League, the Reds faced backlash from all quarters of the footballing world, including from their own supporters.

Banners were placed outside of Anfield and protests took place until eventually, the club confirmed their withdrawal from any proposal with a statement late on Tuesday evening.

It brought to an end a dramatic chain of events for the club, Jurgen Klopp and his squad who publicly expressed their displeasure at the prospect both in the public domain and on social media.

With Liverpool now finally distancing themselves from the Super League, we asked a panel of Reds’ supporters to give us thier thoughts on the premise of the Super League and how they felt about their club’s owners being major players in the plot to form the breakaway Super League.

Should LFC support the Super League?

Yes, it's a great idea.

Yes, it's a great idea.

No, it's going to be awful.

No, it's going to be awful.

Sam Walker@OneSGW

“It had definitely been coming since 1992. UEFA have been trying to organically create their own version of it but they got too greedy. I am not happy football has chosen this path because it is taking the integrity away but I was glad that Liverpool were moving with the elite.

If I had to choose between taking a stand and being a mediocre club against being part of the elite football league, I’m taking the latter! It doesn’t matter that we were part of the driving force. It was happening anyway. So it could have been a benefit to the club that we are ahead of the game. Fans can’t scream ‘#Mbappe21’ then talk about socialism in the next sentence. If we want success in this era of football, this is the right path. I hate it but I will live with it until I can’t.”

Jack Gill – @jacklfcgill

“As a Liverpool fan, I was enraged. Football has been going this way for a while but the statement on Sunday night, had it been carried out, would have completely destroyed the game that we know and love. FSG have gone against everything that the club, the city and us as supporters stand for. Not only is the Super League an act of greed, it would have torn away the competition and strips football of its roots. Shanks will be spinning in his grave and I’m sure Jurgen Klopp wasn’t happy about the decision either.”

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Will Woodward – @willjw

“I didn’t like it. Even if we were allowed to stay in the Premier League, it renders the competition pointless if you don’t finish first or in the bottom three. There’d be next to no difference in finishing second or 17th because you’d be in Europe again next season regardless. It would have made our remaining games of this season utterly pointless too. From a selfish point of view, would it be nice to see Liverpool playing European giants every week or two for the whole season? Of course. But the cost of ruining the domestic league isn’t worth it for me.”

Chris Pajak – @mrbloodred

“Competition is what makes sport great without competition what have we got? It’s not sport, that’s for sure.

The money grabbing club owners should all be legged out of our game and yet we’re all complicit in this. We’ve all been doing this little dance for nearly 30 years. We want our teams to be the best, so we pay our extortionate match fees, we buy the ridiculously priced shirts and we look the other way when a shady deal is done. We hate the new money but that’s because we’re the old guard. What we should hate is the money coming into the game because make no mistake about it it’s the money that’s ruining the game. The clubs used to have the power and now the players and the associations have the power. The club’s want it back. This is what this was about.

They want to decide their destiny and if you give someone with money the power to decide their future, the first thing they’ll do is make sure they have a future. This is not fun. This is not sport. This is huge businesses satisfying their shareholders not their fans. And yet I can’t help but think that when we’ve turned the other cheek to ticket rises, furloughs and the like because they ‘seem ok’ and ‘everyone makes mistakes’ and they’ve ‘brought success’ then are we really any better than them?”

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Article title: Liverpool: Reds’ fans reflect on the failed European Super League

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