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Who Newcastle Should Sign After New Takeover

Newcastle just recently got signed by the Saudi backed consortium, meaning the finances of the club have been positively impacted. The ambitions that Newcastle could have now when it comes to making signings on the market are hugely promising and are being spoken about in anticipation. It is believed that a reported £250 million has been added to the pot for the next player re-make and infrastructure meaning the next transfer opening couldn’t come quick enough.

The latest football betting odds around Newcastle and their possible next player signings are talk of the sporting realm at the moment, and for good reason really. The previous owner Mike Ashley did not really spend a great amount in the past transfer windows, so we could see a huge flip in the flexibility that comes with the next signings to come. The question is, who should Newcastle sign now and who should be on their radar?

Aaron Ramsey

The past couple of years have been quite tough on the player. Running his contract through to the end from Emirates, he then went to join Juventus in the year 2019. While he won in Serie A for his first season, this did not allow him to be established as a key player within the city of Turin. In total within his time at Juventus, he made just 24 appearances, in the first year of debut and only 22 within the term to pass. Ramsey has an uncertain future within the club and a transfer most definitely is imminent for the player. It would make complete sense for the player to come back to the Premier League, and Newcastle to welcome him with open arms.

While there is still no news to make this idea promising, it is a fact that several clubs within the Premier League are considering reaching out to give Aaron a chance. It is believed the current high wages are what make Ramsey one to be scratched off the list, however Newcastle now have the funds to expedite him if they feel he is worth the splurge. While this decision is nowhere set in stone, January’s short transfer season will most definitely reveal all. Ramsey just needs to replicate his English football career and skills, to be a decent offer to consider-especially with Juve’s fee to offload him being pretty minimal most likely. Suppose time will tell on this one.

Philippe Coutinho

Philippe Coutinho is another player like Ramsey, who was in the league and pinnacle point of his career within the Premier League, yet it never went to plan seeking opportunities abroad. Once quite influential within his time at Liverpool, Coutinho struggled to find space to settle at Barcelona F.C., nor did he manage to convince Bayern to make his loan become a permanent position of a transfer, despite winning the treble of Germany.

Since 2020, he has been with Barcelona, and it is believed Coutinho is the next casualty that is set to go because of Barcelona’s financial worries. While Phillippe is still a good player, his age and skills are not on level with Liverpool today, to be given another shot of a return. For that reason, Newcastle could be a super fit and solution for the player, to help the club climb up the ladder in terms of rankings.

Milan Skriniar

Inter Milan is another club that has entered financial difficulties recently. After investing so much to build the team that is readily able to win Serie A, they were forced to tear down components of their team to make way for the financial issues that they face. One of those is Milan Skriniar.

While Lukaku and Achraf Hakimi were necessary sacrifices, there is still pressure for the owners to dissolve some unnecessary expenses on the team at hand. The annual wage bill is reported to be massively high and not sustainable if they want to see through the years ahead. Even though Milan is very happy being at Inter, with his contract expiring in 2023, it would make sense for him to possibly be put on loan until, or be transferred permanently to a different team and league all together. Newcastle would certainly benefit here, and it is very likely that it would become a possibility within January’s approaching transfer window.

Despite all the talks of transfers, it is believed that Saudi PIF are in talks of buying Inter Milan too, however this will only be approved once new stadium plans are verified to move forward. In the meantime, there are other potential players for Newcastle, including Lautaro Martinez and Marc-Andre Ter Stegen.

Article title: Who Newcastle Should Sign After New Takeover

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