A Summer to be happy with at Luton Town?

Luton player Luke Guttridge

It is a day where the big deals come. Managers begin to panic, and feel a large cash splurge is the only way for success to be brought about at the club.

We have seen it all over the years, Fernando Torres, Ashley Cole. This deadline day is almost certain to bring about some sensational stories, and having already seen the world record transfer fee smashed yet again by the wealthy Spanish giants Real Madrid on Gareth Bale, it would hardly be surprising for lots of money to transfer hands amongst Europe’s elite.

However, deadline day is not merely for the big guns. Alas, the teams further down the league are not covered throughout the day, and instead the only way to hear the news is through a five second bulletin on Sky Sports whilst Jim White is otherwise preoccupied. Luton Town fall under this bracket, and it has emerged that following a raft of summer signing made by current Hatters boss John Still, one further addition to the squad is looking like a distinct possibility.

Luton fans can hardly be disappointed with some of the acquisitions made thus far however. Most notably, Luke Guttridge and Mark Cullen are both looking like great captures from league teams.

Guttridge is a former Northampton midfielder and many league clubs would have been greatly aided by his capture. An experienced head, he had gained over 300 career appearances, right from the Championship, now down to the conference with the Hatters. 2 goals in his first 6 games, the centre midfielder has already shown his class on several occasions. Already become a regular in the line up at Kenilworth Road, it is likely he will only continue to serve in the bid to reach the football league once again for Luton.

It is not only Guttridge who has come to Luton with experience high up the leagues. With such a strong attacking line-up for The Hatters, Mark Cullen will certainly be working hard to ensure he achieves a regular place in the squad. The 21 year old has had the privilege of scoring a Premier League goal during his time spent at Hull, back in the 2009/2010 season, however has spent many seasons since on loan at various other clubs. Having played in each of the top 5 leagues at the young age of 21, Cullen already has plenty of experience, and despite not having scored; it is a huge boost to a squad such as Luton’s.

John Still has continually mentioned the fact he is trying to build a squad first, and from that he will achieve the promotions that the Hatter’s fans so desperately crave, and it seems like he has gone about his business in a sound way.

Swindon’s experienced forward Paul Benson is another recruitment in the overhaul in Bedfordshire, this time a loan signing. He is also a certainty to bag goals in important matches, of which 90% of games are in the Conference due to the fact that only two teams achieving promotion. Benson has bagged himself 78 goals in 215 appearances, and as such it is only a matter of time before he will get on the score sheet for Luton.

Other signings have included young keeper Elliot Justham, who seems like a fantastic replacement to try and cover the sensational performances that Mark Tyler has put in for the Hatters since his move from Peterborough, however as he is reaching the end of his career there is a need for a replacement to be available, and having offloaded Dean Brill to Inverness, Justham appears to be the Hatters’ future stopper.

Obviously there are others such as Anthony Charles and Danny Fitzimmons, and in my opinion Still has performed fantastically through the summer months, and whilst there has been no media attention of it, the squad has plenty of potential. It has been a slow start to the season, but that is to be expected. No squad can instantaneously gel and therefore time has to be given for these players to prove their worth.

Simply looking in to the previous clubs and performances given by the men Still has recruited should fill the Hatters with confidence for the season ahead. Goals seem like they should flow, and the defence has been beefed up, however if there is one more signing to come, I would hope it is a further addition to the back line to ensure there is a little more depth in that area.

Only 6 games have gone so far, and Luton need to take the positives. Only one defeat, and 4 clean sheets kept indicate positive features, and time will tell as to whether the new Luton players fit soundly in to the set up. So far it seems that we have much to look forward to.