Daniel Levy is set to take the wrong turn at Tottenham crossroads

You may love or loathe Daniel Levy, but you will always respect him.

Tottenham’s head honcho’s response about a potential contract uprising at White Hart Lane – given the team’s success was pitch perfect – eluding to the fact that he won’t bow down to any player that was seemingly happy with their respective deals earlier on in the season.

Levy rightly stated that the club wouldn’t necessarily decrease their salaries on underperformance, so why would they suddenly look to increase it for ultimately doing their job.

Levy is an old school businessman of course and whilst I admire his sentiments here, the harsh reality is that the club is likely to be stripped of its prized assets in the coming years as the steadfast refusal to operate in the same sphere as the other clubs within the Premier League continues.

I would love to think that a move to an impressive new stadium will see the financial shackles released and the club join the top tier of Europe’s elite, but that is what the Emirates was supposed to be doing for Arsenal and we have seen for ourselves that the Gunners remain prudent and unwilling to compete with the powerhouses within Europe. That is something we must assume – given the attitude of Levy – will be paralleled up the Seven Sisters Road.

The big difference is that the Gunners have a manager content in seeing out his last years at the club, content with mediocrity, whilst Tottenham have one of the most talented and ambitious coaches in world football.

Levy needs to fuel this fire, not to look to hose down this abundance of talent that could see the football club dominate for years.

The stance that Tottenham will only sell who they want is all well and good, but it is an attitude that cuts no cloth in modern football and players rightly will want to seek parity with their peers.

Pochettino has assembled a group of hungry players that have proven they will fight for the club. However, it doesn’t mean they won’t be tempted by riches elsewhere. Levy’s reluctance to evolve the club from also-rans to contenders will see all the hard work of the past few years undone in an instant and will ultimately frustrate the life out of his manager – who always protects the chairman well in public.

The harsh reality Levy needs to wake up to is that it is Pochettino who is the driving force of Tottenham’s success and the one man that needs to be kept happy at White Hart Lane.

Levy has done a lot of good things at Tottenham and should be commended for them but he has never had it so good with this manager and the club will go backwards if it doesn’t look to further fuel his own ambitions of bringing success to club. The Argentine could have his pick of teams around Europe if he ever indicated a desire to leave – something that cannot be lost on the chairman – therefore the need for him to maintain his squad is paramount.

I am no money expert; however, my basic understanding of business tells me that to replace a 30 goal-a-season striker, the most talented young midfielder in Europe and the Premier League’s best centre half (to name a few within this squad) would be less problematic and cheaper to facilitate with a mere increase in wage, as Tottenham look to build on this incredible momentum they currently have.

Levy is at a crossroads without question this summer – his recent comments suggest that he is about to take the wrong turn.

Article title: Daniel Levy is set to take the wrong turn at Tottenham crossroads

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