‘Currently everyone is standing still’ – No only Arsenal

‘Currently, everyone is standing still.’

‘Everyone expects everyone else to make the first move. Everyone holds on to their cards, hoping for the major transfer.’

‘Nobody blinks until late July, early August. Then we will analyse the gaps in each team. But I am very active on the phone.’

These are the words of Arsene Wenger , as the Arsenal chief recently told a French Radio station that the North London club will not be rushed in the transfer market.

Now, I’m not trying to belittle or make Wenger look like a fool, but doesn’t the Frenchman know that Manchester United have already snapped up three players this summer?

Wenger’s recent quotes indicate to me that it will be another agonizing summer for us fans to behold, and to suggest that it could take several weeks for our club to make any significant movement in the market sounds daunting to say the very least.

I understand that Wenger needs to ‘write up’ his transfer list, as well as scout his preferred targets, but he can’t dwell for too long.

We have been linked with a number of high-profile players this summer, but it seems nothing – apart from this Gervinho transfer – is going on at Arsenal at the moment.

We are set to lose Gael Clichy , Cesc Fabregas , and probably Samir Nasri this summer, yet Wenger has decided to bide his time and see what other clubs around him are doing first, rather than looking for quality replacements to fill the gaps.

For Wenger to suggest that ‘everyone is standing still’ is pure nonsense. Perhaps he should read the newspapers or switch on to Sky Sports News to see what is actually going on around him, because believe me, everyone is not just ‘standing still’.

Start making moves now Wenger, because if you delay then the players you’ve targeted will either be playing against us in the Premier League, or in Europe this upcoming season.

Is Wenger right to bide his time this summer, or should the Frenchman start making movements as early as possible?

Article courtesy of Tony Merakli at Gunnersphere