10 ways to distract your girlfriend for a free World Cup schedule

The World Cup is approaching, and for all those guys looking to make sure they don’t miss out on all the qualifying action, Ladbrokes bingo sites are a great distraction for those partners who aren’t so keen on the beautiful game. Listed below are some other ways to keep her busy (and happy) to ensure you have some free and don’t miss out on all the action.

1. Encourage her to hang with the girls

When the games are going on, encourage her to catch up with some of her girlfriends she hasn’t seen for a while. This works well if you get on with her mates’ boyfriends, as then you’ll have someone to watch the games with.

2. Get away

Take her away for the weekend, a romantic getaway perhaps; but definitely somewhere that has Sky so you don’t miss all the games. Your ulterior motives may be unnoticed if you make sure to spend quality time sightseeing and wining and dining with her.

She will be much more willing to reciprocate if you take in a museum with her: she might just let you off the hook with a few hours peace at the pub for some World Cup qualifying sport time.

3. Spend some time with mum

Encourage her to spend some time with her family while you head off to the pub (her dad may appreciate the time off to watch the game as well).

4. Look in the papers

Perhaps there’s a painting course or a book club she’s wanted to join. Have a look to see what’s going on in your local area for things that she’ll really enjoy leaving you the opportunity for you to do what you love (i.e. watch football). She’ll be impressed you thought of it.

5. Be invested in her

Again, it’s all about compromise; do something she likes together. Perhaps she’s always wanted to take a ballroom dancing class or a cooking course for instance. OK, this may be a bit painful but if you’re willing to do something with her that really makes her happy, she’ll be more likely to give you your pub and footy time.

6. Make it a group event

Round up some friends, throw a party and watch the sport as a group. She’ll be more willing to put up with it if you have a big crowd of mates around, including other women she can chat with. Serve up some food, drinks and have fun.

7. Bargain with her

Draw up a bargain that if she leaves you alone to watch the football, you’ll paint the kitchen or decorate the lounge or some other chore that you don’t really want to do.

8. Bingo

Sit her down and encourage her to engage in online bingo games with Ladbrokes. It’s a great way for her to socialise and make friends while the potential is there to win as well. She’ll have so much fun you’ll be a star for suggesting it.

9. Buy your way into her heart

Maybe you could bring her home something special, something that she’s always wanted, jewellery, a shiny trinket. It may cost a bit, but will pay off in the end when she leaves you alone for the matches.

10. Watch it together

Finally, if all else fails, consider watching together. To make it even more fun and competitive, perhaps you can place a bet with Ladbrokes on who you think might win each match.

These 10 simple distraction techniques may work to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the World Cup football fun that will also result in a happy, supportive girlfriend as well.