£11.5m demand off Rooney shows FA action is needed

With the transfer window shut it gives the parasites of the game an opportunity to sit back, and work out how much money they have dragged out of the game. They cause nothing but unrest and have played an integral part in the destroying of the once beautiful game.

Unfortunately they are all leeches, prey on footballers and look to line their pockets in any way possible. Very few players actually have the nous to see through them and due to their own laziness allow these people into their lives so they can go out and get the best deals for them, regardless of how it suits the footballer. I wonder how many footballers have actually been talked into a move elsewhere, for no other reason but the parasites getting their hands on a high commission.

There is no way around them and why the football authorities can bemoan the agents’ role in the game, they fail to try and bring an end to their powers by setting up an independent committee to regulate transfers and handle all the negotiations, with the best interests of the players being put first. That is all it would take to flush them out and clean the game up of their presence, but I suppose it wouldn’t be the first time the authorities have turned a blind eye to the various cancers that are eating into our game.

The reason I bring the subject up was that I read that an agency was attempting to take the Rooney’s through the courts in order to obtain some of £11.5m that they expected to earn before the United striker jumped shipped and moved elsewhere. It is a sickening amount of money, especially as the fruits of their labour was simply to just cash in on the name and the extraordinary talents of Wayne Rooney. Is it any wonder that the United striker decided to walk away after waking up to how much he was being exploited.

Rooney’s QC Paul Chaisty said: “Proactive’s position is that something in the region of £3m is owed in invoices and they have allowed for £3m or £4m of damages. And £2m has already been received by Proactive and those other sums are a further £8m. Add the £1.5m from United paid when Rooney signed from Everton in 2004 and £11.5m is the figure that Proactive is saying it is entitled to earn through Mr Rooney’s company.” (Mail)

There was a time when you just played football and got paid by your club, it appears in this day and age that is no longer the case and companies, organisations and agents will do all they can to anything to just get a piece of these players. The likes of the FA and PFA have to get a grip of the scandalous workings of such agencies and organisations, which are crippling the game and milking the players for all they can get.

Written By Johnny Smithers

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