1.2 million reasons why a Tottenham beano pays off

The-Spurs-players-huddleFootball FanCast columnist Matt Wright feels the £1.2m group fine was just the kick up the ass that Tottenham players needed.

Some didn’t see much wrong with it, others felt it was a lack of professionalism of the highest order; however if a £1.2m group fine and a few slap wrists is what it has taken to give the side the proverbial kick then I am absolutely delighted that Robbie Keane organised this golf trip/booze up in Dublin 10 days ago.

Although the result last weekend against Wolves was not too clever, the response to being found out and caught with their trousers down has brought some professionalism back and suddenly the complacency that had been creeping in during the preceding weeks has seen to be put to bed and two fantastic displays, six points to boot and the feeling of our wagon coming off the rails after our horror display last week is already a distant memory. Harry Redknapp has certainly got the reaction he would have wanted and we can only hope it continues into the Christmas fixtures.

I was talking to someone who is close to the club and he remarked that Redknapp was absolutely livid on finding out. Whether it was because he came out prior to the Wolves game and claimed that a Christmas party was cancelled, therefore has been made to look stupid given this trip took place some two days previous is not known, but fining those guilty of two weeks wages has proved just the tonic and given the displays against City and today’s tough trip to Blackburn, it is clear they are determined to redress the balance.

I have to admit my own view of the event was not disapproving, as I really feel that in any walk of life that you need to let your hair down from time to time and why it should have been conducted in a far more honest manner, the resulting fine and reprimand has seen to players regroup together and get their focus back for the challenge of seeing Tottenham make the Champions League. In my mind it is just the wake-up call that was needed and plenty of good has come out of this untimely beano.

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Article title: 1.2 million reasons why a Tottenham beano pays off

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