The 5 ‘Best Things’ about being a Newcastle fan

Being a Newcastle United the past few years has not exactly been the most thrilling. A gradual slide from Champions League qualifiers to relegation has left a sour taste amongst the Geordie faithful. So to cheer things up I decided to compile a list of the five best things of being a Newcastle United fan.

No. 9 Hero’s

One of the most unique thing’s about Newcastle United is how revered and legendary status this shirt number is. It’s become the Geordie equivalent to the England Captaincy and is constantly scrutinised as to who is wearing the iconic number or who should be wearing it. Starting with Hughie Gallacher way back in 1925, the number has seen some of the footballer’s greatest goal scorers including Jackie Milburn, Malcolm Macdonald and of course Alan Shearer. With no current number nine shirt being given by Newcastle United manager Chris Hughton, it just shows the reverence and aura this number holds and that it has to be earned among the Geordies.

Away days

Newcastle United’s away day games are one of the best football experiences in this country and the following and support by the fans is incredible. Over 7000 Newcastle fans went to see Newcastle United play at Oakwell stadium against Barnsley just before Christmas. There was nearly as many of the Toon Army present as there was Barnsley fans. The home crowd didn’t know what to make of the Geordie nation in full voice, I should know, I was there and the deafening sound of song drowned out any murmur of voice Barnsley had to offer. This is just one example of many away games Newcastle has brought the hordes to; remember Newcastle United is a Championship side. The support is just fantastic.

That Night

21st October 1996. Newcastle United lined up to face Champions Manchester United at St James Park. A crunch game for both sides after Newcastle United threw the league away the season before to the Manchester giants. 5-0. What a resounding result. One of the most famous victories in Newcastle United history and a night never to be forgotten. In particular the Belgian Phillipe Albert’s glorious deft chip over the stranded Peter Schmeichel for the 5th goal. It was an utter dismantling of one of the best sides in the country and will live long forever in any Newcastle United fans heart.


Whilst this may be the source of much fun by football fans around the country, Newcastle United do love a Messiah and it is one of the best things about being a Newcastle fan. It’s a core belief that the football club will be better and can be made better, an enduring hope not felt at many clubs. With Kevin Keegan he was a Messiah, he took Newcastle United from languishing at the bottom of the old second division and within a whisker of winning the Premier League. Football fans can laugh at the Geordie delusion over Keegan, but any manager who would have done the same at their club would be treated with such reverence too. It’s just they did not had a messiah like we have.

Internal Boiler system.

Now this isn’t something you can have fitted, this just comes with being a Newcastle United fan. How many times have we seen up and down the country Newcastle United’s legions of supporters in January with no shirt or tops on? Far too many times and whilst I admit it’s not the most pleasant of sight’s it is part of the identity of being a Geordie. It’s a commitment to the cause, by being completely freezing yet showing no such symptoms is in a way the fans sacrifice for the team. They put themselves through it for the side. It’s one of the greatest things about being a Newcastle United fan.

What do you think the Top 5 greatest things are about being a Newcastle United fan?

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