‘Respect the Fans Campaign’ – Giving the tickets back to the supporters

‘Respect the Fans Campaign' have called on all football supporters to sign their petition to ensure that the Wembley ticket allocations for Cup finals and playoffs are solely reserved for supporters.

To All Football Fans,

The road to Wembley, the chance to walk down Wembley way, to look up at the archway, to sing with your family, friends and fellow fans to support your team in a final, that's the pinnacle of every football fan's dreams.  Unfortunately that is a dream that doesn't become reality for many fans due to poor allocations.

The FA have called for respect in football. Respect referees, respect competitions by not fielding weakened teams; they've used the tag line 'Lose Respect, Lose the Game'.
After recently seeing at first hand in the FA Cup Final what happens to fans season after season in domestic Wembley games, we believe the respect in the game should be extended to the fans.

Each season up to 16 of the 92 league clubs will play a major game at Wembley, whether in the FA Cup, Carling Cup, play offs or Community Shield, and most of these clubs and their fans will have some form of problems with the FA over the poor allocations as many match going fans unfortunately miss out on being able to watch their team in what is most likely to be their biggest game of the season at our national stadium.

We understand the financial problems with the FA, and we understand the need for Club Wembley, but what is unexplainable is up to 23,000 tickets given out to people who have little interest in the game itself and inevitably via an extortionate price tag, the tickets go back into the hands of the fans of the clubs playing. If most of these tickets will be taken up by fans anyway via touts, then surely the FA should cut out this extortionate middleman and supply the tickets directly.

The Respect Campaign is calling for a rethink from the FA about a fairer allocation, a look into who deserves to be counted as the football family, a greater protection of fans from touts, and a general show of more respect to the life blood of English football, the fans.
If you want to support the Respect Campaign, please sign the online petition part of our campaign (link below) or visit http://www.respectcampaign.com/


Thanks For Your Support


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